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Childhood Friends

Dear Lucas,

At 1 year old, you like playing with children. Mami tries her best to find ways so you can play with kids your age. I know that you will enjoy your toddlerhood more if you have regular play mates. Mami is also secretly afraid you’ll grow up too fast if you keep on playing with us boring adults. Crazy, I know. Dadi would attest to that. 🙂

So here’s a rundown of the friends you’ve made, or got acquainted with, pre-pre-school:

Ate Erika

She’s the first baby you met and played with. That is expected because she is your cousin. Too bad you did not get to play with her a lot on their 1 year stay here in Manila. They are going back to London soon.

Kuya Aki

He’s Tita Maqui’s smart and funny first born. You both enjoy the pool and Mami and Tita Maqui are still finding the right time so you two can play again. He’s the first “kuya” you got to play with.


He’s your second cousin and just about the same age as you. Just like Kuya Aki, you both enjoyed the pool. You also like cars and balls. I think you both got along really well.

Raviv, Lia and Ate Akira

They are your most recent play date friends. Mami has a strong feeling that you will see more of them and Kuya Aki soon.


He’s you’re “building barkada“. He’s only three months older than you and he’s your daily playmate here in our building. Unfortunately, they moved out already so you rarely see him. Mami feels bad that she was not able to take a picture of you two.-Update! Apparently, Mami did have a picture of both you together! Yay!


Sometimes, you don’t need Mami to set up a playdate. You randomly make friends with other children especially when we are in a mall or in Doc Vienne’s clinic.

Mami is happy to see you playing with other children although sometimes you become suplado (snob) like your Dadi. But most of the time, you like making friends with other kids. I am hoping you will get to meet the other children that Mami reads about on other blogs. I also hope you will grow up with these sets of friends because it is going to be much more fun having childhood friends. 🙂


7 thoughts on “Childhood Friends

    1. I saw your post and Mars’ comment. Boracay playdate. Soshaal! What could be better than that? 🙂 I wish we could be there too!

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