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Easy Family Weekend Day 1

It is Friday! What a crazy week this has been! I started drafting this post this Monday and I was only able to post it now. Geez. But it’s weekend and no matter how dog-tired and manic-depressive I have been, Friday is and will always be my happy day. Speaking of weekends, I realized that for the past couple of weeks, Mike, Lucas and I have been going out during weekends. It’s been a while since we stayed home (or I stayed home) at least a day in the weekend. Last week we had a boring, uneventful weekend…and I lavet!

We still went out for the Little Jedi’s check up. He started coughing so we went to see Doc Vienne. We had a tearful start from Lucas because he woke up at 5:45 AM. That’s too early for Mike and me on a Saturday. I guess he could sense that his lazy parents aren’t up and about yet so he had tantrums for the next two hours. This forced me and Mike to wake up and play with the tot who started rolling on his mat with his ear-shattering, award-winning cries. Good morning to you too, anak.

After two hours of coaxing, he fell asleep again and woke up after an hour. He was feeling much happier and more playful. I gave him a cakepop after his bath but he did not eat it. He just held on to it all the way to the hospital. We were trying to get it from him but he wouldn’t loosen his grip. When we got to the hospital, still with the untouched cakepop, he started running to Doc’s clinic as soon as he stepped out of the elevator. That’s when the cake fell. There was a moment of realization when he looked at the cake rolling on the floor, then continued running straight to Doc Vienne’s clinic. I do not know who’s more kawawa (I feel more sorry for): my son or the pop.


It didn’t take much for Lucas to forget about the pop. As soon as he saw his favorite toy, he squeezed his way in front of the wire maze and played with two little boys.

After seeing the doctor, we went to the mall for lunch and Lucas’ haircut. Here’s a customer rant: we went to AVenetto because I craved for baked pasta after watching Man vs. Food on TV that morning. The food was good but, man, the service was really bad! The waiters were arrogant. They just dropped the menu in front of us, they talked with a rude tone and they were slooooow. I was ordering a slice of pizza and Mr. Arrogant cut me off mid-sentence and told me that I have to wait for 20 minutes. Ooooh I felt my face heat up from anger. I just distracted myself with thoughts of the pasta I ordered with cheese bubbling on top. If it wasn’t for food, all hell would’ve broken loose. I am going to do a lot of thinking before I decide to go back there to eat. Food: 3.5, Service: -10.

Anyway, back to the rest of our weekend: day1. We went to the usual kids salon for Lucas’ haircut. I was a bit iffy about bringing him there because he cried so much the last time He had his hair cut. But his hair is growing too long, he can pass as a Chia Pet with fully grown hair. Surprisingly, he was well behaved all throughout. The barber even used a cordless clipper to trim the ends of his hair, and he did not budge. The heroes? An iPhone and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

I also discovered a new Lucas favorite: soft cheese on Skyflakes! I’ve been trying to give him cheese when he was younger but he ignored them. Finally, he likes cheese! The first day of our weekend capped off with a trip to the supermarket for our weekly grocery shopping.




I’m catching up with sleep so I’ll continue this tomorrow 🙂


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