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Easy Family Weekend Day 2

As a kid, I remember Sunday as the slowest day of the week. There weren’t cable TV or internet back then and children’s shows were only shown early in the morning. I remember my Sundays starting with my mom playing golden oldies on our old turntable, then the rest of the day would slowly and quietly follow. It’s difficult to have those kinds of Sundays now, with shopping malls just three cartwheels away, family and friends that I want to see, and of course an active toddler who runs after and away from you.

Last Sunday, we had a nice, relatively quiet Sunday. We turned the TV off and kept our phones when Lucas was awake so we can play with him.

When he was sleeping, Mike browsed the internet. I would normally turn the TV on but instead, I took the opportunity to catch up on my reading.

Creepy best seller

No Sunday would pass without me doing a little baking. I baked (not fried) some chocolate doughnuts with no frosting or toppings. My boys loved it.

Baked not fried πŸ™‚

I am a self-proclaimed mall rat and lakwatsera. But once in a while, a slow day at home is nice especially if I will be spending it with my Little Jedi.



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