Little Jedi

Looooong Weekend

It’s been a really long week for us. It started two Mondays ago and it is still going on (because we never really got to rest last weekend). We brought Lucas to the Doc Vienne that Monday because he has been coughing for about a week already and it does not sound good anymore. I didn’t have to think twice because my mommy-senses were telling me something’s not right. My intuition did not fail me (as always). Doc Vienne said Lucas had bronchitis. I have never seen my usually-active-even-when-sick baby so clingy and not energetic. Much as I enjoyed him wanting to be carried by his Mami (only), it was disheartening to see him like that. He did not want to eat anything or drink milk. He lost weight and it has become obvious.

In Doc Vienne’s clinic
I took a leave from work for three days to take care of him. I had to muster all my strength and patience for him. He had fever, became more irritable, and was uncooperative at first when we were giving him his medicines. Surprisingly though, he was cooperative when we were giving him his meds via a nebulizer.

Calmly receives his medication
For two days I carried my Little Jedi and tried to feed him every hour. I gave him anything he’d like to eat. Fondly enough, he liked my cakepops. It was the only thing he would eat (less the chocolate coating) so I baked him a big batch.

On the third day, we brought him to Asian Hospital to get a cbc test because he still had fever the night before. The service in Asian Hospital is really impressive. Within two hours, we had the request approved by our HMO provider, had Lucas’ blood sample taken (ouchy! 😦 ) and the result processed. In other hospitals, one hour would be spent on HMO approval only. The good news is that Lucas’ CBC test results were relatively normal.

It took only 5 minutes to have our CBC test request to be approved. Amazing!
It took Lucas another five days before he gained his appetite and energy back. The first time I saw him running around the unit felt like a big boulder was lifted off of my shoulder.

He’s still coughing a bit now. My doctor friend told me that Lucas might be prone to respiratory sickness because he had neonatal pneumonia when he was a baby. Another factor to consider is that asthma runs in Dadi Mike’s family. My friend’s advise is to let him run around the garden or play area and expose him to swimming so he’ll develop stronger lungs. Thank goodness we live in a condominium with a really nice pool. We’ll definitely get a dip tomorrow morning and on Sunday. Is there anyone who would like to join us? 🙂

His appetite is back too. We are giving him food and milk or juice as long as he wants to eat. He did lose a lot of weight and we are trying to help him gain it back.

What is “nganga”?
Well one thing I saw during the time I was home is that Lucas not wants to eat on his own without Mami’s or Yaya’s help.

He also got his energy back. He’s become active again. Normally I would call him if he starts to climb the chair or runs around the unit. Now I let him explore and I just watch him. I am hoping that he’ll recover fully in no time.

Thanks to my online friends who gave their well-wishes to the Little Jedi. 🙂

Oh if I could only be with him everyday….(fill in the blank).


17 thoughts on “Looooong Weekend

  1. Ang hirap talaga pag bata ang may sakit mas mamatamisin mo pang ikaw na lang magkasakit kesa ang bata diba? Buti namn ok na sya! Have a blessed weekend!

  2. I’m sorry he’s been sick! My son had to use a nebulizer as a toddler/preschooler any time he got sick with a virus (viral-induced asthma) and he was such a trooper! I also remember the “boulder being lifted” when he was well again! Huge *hugs* to you, mama!!

  3. thank God, Lucas is okay now. Hope to drop by tom or Sunday to return your stuff. Hopefully, maka-swimming rin. Have a great boring weekend, maggie, mike and lucas!

  4. Hugs and Kisses to Lucas, sis! I’m positive that he will be super ok na before next week starts.
    Kung magkapit-village lng tayo, pupunta kami ni Akira 🙂

    Nagpareserve kami kahit 50/50 din si Khan. Either he’ll be coming straight from shift or may shift cya on the 27th. Bahala na daw si Batman. Pa-reserve nadin kayo if ever para magkita tayo 🙂 You can also try sa Greenbelt, magkikita nmn kayo dun ni Mars 🙂

  5. Oh men… I could imagine! I am glad to know that Lucas is feeling so much better already! I agree with the benefits of swimming! Have fun and stay healthy Lucas!

  6. as I’ve said from my tweet, I am really glad Lucas is getting better. I’m sure he’ll be in complete recovery in no time! Hirap no pag ang maliliit ang maysakit… nakakadurong ng puso! I’m also glad you are getting an excellent medical attention. Ang hirap sa pinas pag walang health card… nakakaloka ang mga public hospitals! There goes the cliche but true saying: Ang hirap maging mahirap sa pinas.

    hey, hey, I’m commenting woot, woot! 😀

    Spanish Pinay

    1. Naku Sis sinabi mo pa! I am thankful for Lucas’ pedia also bec she’s genuinely concerned about Lucas. I guess Mars can also attest to that. Lia and Lucas have the same pedia. Thanks for the well wishes din! ☺

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