Little Jedi

The Little Jedi’s Favorite Snacks

Lucas isn’t a picky eater and I am very grateful for that. I hope this continues until he he gets older. I don’t know what we did right. Maybe it’s giving him home-cooked baby food and, later on, meals. Maybe introducing him to various kinds of food also did the trick.

I am not saying he will eat everything, but it’s not difficult to feed him the “good stuff”. Right now, a household staple would be squash, oatmeal, bananas, peanut butter, carrots and anything in Chop Suey.

He has also developed liking for specific snacks:

Yogurt and yogurt milk.

These are two staples in his menu also. He’d down one cup of yogurt and a small bottle of yogurt milk everyday. Oh, and of course, Yakult.

Mini pancakes.

Nothing special about these pancakes. It’s same recipe as the letter pancakes, only I made it smaller. Lucas likes eating with his hands than being spoon-fed.

Mami’s cake pops and mini doughnuts.

I like it when he’d tip toe by the dining table sniffing for some of these freshly-baked goodies. I personally like the chocolate doughnut recipe because it’s not too sweet. Plus, it’s baked, not fried. Need I say more? 🙂

Grapes. With skins on!

He loved peeled grapes. I would peel him a batch everyday. He finally learned to eat a whole grape. He’d still spit out the skin but we’re getting there. Plus I don’t have to peel them anymore. 🙂 I specifically buy crimson seedless grapes. They are sweeter than the other grapes I’ve tasted from the supermarket.

Cheers to you, Little Jedi! And to your happy, healthy eating habit. I am glad that at least one member of our family is eating healthy. 🙂


8 thoughts on “The Little Jedi’s Favorite Snacks

  1. Kelly loves grapes too! I used to peel them for her, good thing she finally learned to eat them as they are. I haven’t tried giving her yoghurt- I’m not sure if it’s something she’d like. Cake pops and doughnuts will definitely be a hit! I’ll try to make a batch for her too. 😀

    1. Hi Kim! If you want to introduce yogurt to Kelly, you can start with the yogurt milk. Lucas loooves them. Nestle’s is sold for Php 15 only. For fruit yogurt, I buy Elle because it’s not as sour as Nestle. 🙂

  2. Bihira sa bata ang hindi picky eater! Very healthy talaga mga kinakain nya! Buti nga maaga pa lang na introduce na sya sa healthy foods lalo na veggies. Yung mga nieces ko mapili sa gulay. Sa ngayon kangkong at carrots lang kinakain. hehe!

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