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Basic Beauty Products for a not-so-kikay Mom

I am not a very kikay mom. Emphasis on the word “very”. I still have some level of kikayness in me. I still like rouge lipstick and I am very particular with the brand that I use. I have very simple beauty regimen, though. I just use a facial wash and water on my face. I’d say I am not kikay by default.

My friend, Patty, introduced me to make-up last year. She taught me how to do a simple eye make up. Who knew smokey eye make-up would need at least four different colors, a primer, possibly two kinds of eyeliner and two kinds of mascara, highlighter and other make-up that I can’t remember anymore? I have to say I learned a little about putting on basic make-up. I haven’t gotten to the level of putting on other stuff like primers, three different concealers, bronzers, highlighters and the what-not. I get lost in Patty’s vocabulary.

I will not share beauty tips and kikay chronicles. I think that’s my cousin Sha‘s department and I wouldn’t dare. I don’t think I am credible enough. Haha. I would, however, like to share two beauty products that worked for a pretty busy Mami.

I never used toner (until recently) and I inconsistently used a moisturizer. I have a very weird skin on my face. The t-zone (forehead to the bridge of the nose) gets so oily while my cheeks gets as dry as the Sahara. I used some toners and my t-zone gets drier but so does my cheeks. It gets so dry and flaky (because it’s peeling), I can pass as a tuyo. If I use a moisturizer, my cheeks are good but my forehead gets so oily. I’ve tried almost every brand in the market but I got tired and lazy that I decided to give it up.

Patty recommended two products to me and told me that her friend, who is a make-up artist, uses these. So I gave it a shot.

No, the BB Creme is not old. It’s just that I’ve been using it for three months already hehe

Dickinson’s toner and Miss Beauty BB cream. These two are my miracle products really.
Dickinson is an all natual toner sold in Healthy Options. The product is for all skin types. For once, a product says the truth. It does work even for my skin. After three months of using, I noticed that my skin was fairly better. It didn’t dry up and it is not as oily too. My skin did look healthier after using it. Oh and did I mention that the small bottle is only Php80ish? It’s a good buy!Product number one passed with flying colors!

Product number two intimidated me. I’ve never used BB cream before. I’ve used liquid foundation before but it usually fails. Either it cakes on my face or it becomes really oily. When I used it, the first thing I noticed was how runny it was. It’s not as thick like a regular foundation. It was easier to apply because it spreads easily. I let it set for about 15 minutes before putting on powder. For the rest of the day, it did not cake or make me look like a walking vat of oil. I only applied powder again. There had been several incidents when I wasn’t able to reapply powder because of my busy schedule. Surprisingly, my face did not become oily. Patty says it is also a moisturizer. She said I can still use it even at night. I don’t because I never liked the feeling of having something on my face at night.

Three months of using the product and I do get compliments from people saying my skin looks good (naks!). Talk about being in cloud nine. Here is a before and after picture of my face.

Left: Before putting on the product
Right: After putting on the product
The Miss Beauty BB Cream is a Korean product and Patty got it for me for my birthday last June. She got it from her her friend who supplies the product.

I told myself before I got married that I will not forget to take care of myself even after having a baby. I losyang wife is so passe. My beauty principle is simple: Know the basics. Keep it simple. Indulge only if necessary.


17 thoughts on “Basic Beauty Products for a not-so-kikay Mom

  1. The littlest kikayness I had in me was totall lost when I became a mom. To start off, I wasn’t really into putting make up. But I’ve always used eyebrow pencil coz otherwise, I’d look like the snow queen (i.e. zero eyebrows) and no eyebrows means 20yrs on top of your age, correct? But just like you, I lately learned that I do have to take care of my skin too… I want my daughter to be able to show off a presentable mami to her friends haha. I do use BB cream too – I use the one from Garnier and it makes wonders to my skin. I also have t-zone area and struggled for quite some time in finding the right brand for me in terms of toners, etc. In the end, what worked is moisturize, moisturize and moisturize! I am using the cheapest moisturizer here and my skin has never been better 🙂 wow, we got tons of something in common and wow, my comment is one-whole-article-worthy, donchathink? LOL

    Spanish Pinay

    1. I’d think it’s more difficult to find the right product there because the weather is different. Is that right? Good thing you were able to find a product that works for you. Haha better write a post about your beauty regimen too! 😊

  2. Hi Maggie! Saw your blog site from Maqui’s list of mommy bloggers for the playdate 🙂 I’m not so kikay myself so I only have the basics too. My sister who’s kikay also recommended me BB cream. I have yet to try it. I’m actually hesitant because I’m not the type who tries new beauty products. But from your before and after pic, I wanna try it already lol!

    1. Hi Erlaine! Thanks for visiting! BB cream really is intimidating. I use Miss Beauty but I am not sure if it is sold here. I can order for you if you want. I also heard other Korean brands are good 🙂 I’m excited to meet you!

  3. hi! I’ve never tried using BB cream and I’ve heard a lot about it. always wanted to try but don’t know which product to pick. where did you get yours? is this the korean brand?

    1. Hi Jeands! I use Miss Beauty. It is a Korean brand. I heard other Korean brands are good too like Etude House or Tony Moly. 🙂 If you like the brand that I am using I can ask my friend 🙂

  4. Hi Maggie, I am currently using Maybelline BB cream but I also wanted to try Ms. Beauty, where did you get yours? thanks.. =)

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