Little Jedi

The Evolution of Sleep: 20 months

Dear Lucas,

Mami has been documenting your sleep positions because I find it so cute. At twenty months, you already sleep like a little boy. You roll, twist, turn and sometimes sit when you are sleeping. You still like the “bum up” position. Sometimes your foot is on my face or mouth, or on Dadi’s tummy.

Your foot on Dadi’s tummy
You sleep like Dadi more and more each day. You like to have the aircon and the fan on when you are sleeping, just like Dadi. Mami gets cold easily so I cover myself with my blanket while you and Dadi sleep so soundly. You and Dadi do not want to be covered with a blanket. You always wake up when I put it on you.

One thing that I notice now is that you cannot fall asleep if someone is not sleeping beside you. You like it when I hug you to sleep. I like it too. I love smelling the back of your head. Sometimes you’d grab my hand and hold it close to you. I like that too. Most of the time I really do fall asleep beside you. I think you are waiting for me to fall asleep before you do because whenever you see me with my eyes open, we just stare at each other.Β  Sometimes when Mami comes home and you’re already sleeping, I still hug you.

I love hugging you to sleep. After a day of playtime and drama and laughter and running after you, this is one time when I can hold you so close and to me without any struggle. This is the time when I feel that you are still a baby.

I know that when you grow up, you probably don’t want me hugging you to sleep anymore. That’s why I cherish these moments with you.


9 thoughts on “The Evolution of Sleep: 20 months

  1. He’s like the Little Spanish Pinay! She never likes the blanket. She wake up kicking and complaining everytime I cover her with blanket. Ack, it’s a big struggle especially now that it’s getting cold.

    This is such a cute post πŸ™‚

    Spanish Pinay

    1. Thank you, Pepper! Better make the most of our children’s childhood. Everyone says they all grow so fast and I am starting to feel that already. πŸ™‚

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