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A Case for a Cause

I got myself a new iPhone case for only Php200. I chose this design, Happierness, to remind me that the simplest things in life can give me so much happierness.

When I saw this on Aimee’s post, I knew I have to buy one too. (Thanks, Aimee) I have been looking for a nice iPhone case that is not too expensive but pretty. I was set to go to St. Francis Square and buy one but the post made me change my mind.

I did it for Mio. I do not know him personally. I’ve only read about him once (again from Aimee’s post). I clicked on the link to his mom, Jasmine’s, webpage and read just one post: The Marathon Begins. And just like that, it feels like I’ve known him for a lifetime.

You see, Mio is little boy with cancer.

Need I say more?

More than just helping Mio with his battle, I am here also to support his mom, a true modern-day Supermom. Jasmine describes her son as some “who irks at paint or crayon stains on his hands, asks for alcohol after he pees or holds money, chose to be a vegetarian, hates softdrinks and candy”. To meet the financial requirements of battling the disease, the family is selling products such as the iPhone case. Who am I not to share?

“like any parent, I will beg, borrow or steal. But we are good people with kind hearts. I can only ask for you to rally the gates of heaven so my son—and all the other children in the world unjustly suffering this illness to have a chance at a normal and yes, dramatic life”

And Rally with you, Jasmine, I will.

If you want to purchase the item, click here.


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