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Sweet Saturdate

While I was answering Pepper’s Liebster Award question, “Cake or ice cream?”, hands down, my answer is cake. I love cakes. Well admittedly, I do have a sweet tooth. I love sweets so much that I am thinking maybe I should start calling mine “sweet teeth”. I remember how happy I was when I went to Calea in Bacolod. I have been hoping that they would open a shop here in Manila or that we’d fly back to Bacolod again, whichever comes first.

Now I have been passing by Cake Planet since we moved here in Better Living. Lucas’ birthday cake designer, Cha mentioned about it when I first met her last year. I thought it would be a nice idea to invite her for a sweet Saturdate in Cake Planet.

Just like that, we found ourselves in a quaint little shop that smells of freshly brewed coffee. Aaah. Cha and I were the only ones in the restaurant. The first thing that caught my attention, apart from Cha of course, was the array of different, drool-worthy cakes displayed inside the cake ref.

Heaven calling
Heaven calling really loud

Cake Planet offers cakes, coffee and pasta. Cha already ordered herself some pasta and a cup of coffee. I was surprised she did not order cake but then she told me she was waiting for the Turtle Pie. I knew what I wanted to order. They had a tarpaulin banner outside that says  Chocolate Macadamia Sans Rival was number 8 in the Top 10 Everything Food List, so I ordered that.

Four layers of meringue with chocolate macadamia filling. Yum-meh

The cake was so good, I tell you. The meringue was light and crunchy and not too sweet. The chocolate macadamia frosting was creamy and velvety. I also like the whole Macadamia nuts because it adds a different texture and a different layer of taste. I have declared it as one of my favorite cakes that day. It was named as “the next best dessert” by the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

Cha was really patiently waiting for the infamous Turtle Pie. It was featured in Food Magazine too. Finally, the owner arrived with a fresh set of cakes including the pie. While the staff prepared Cha’s slice, the owner, John Sta. Cruz, introduced himself to us. I guess he was amused that we got so excited that the fresh cakes arrived. John was really nice and joined us in conversation. We all learned that we are foodies who are obsessed with cakes and pastries. Our conversation took us to different sweet shops and restaurants, and I learned a lot from them! I guess John enjoyed our talk because he gave us a slice of Mango Empress cake. On the house! He says it was also featured in Food Magazine.

The Turtle Pie was worth the wait. Like the Macadamia Sans Rival, the mousse is a delicious chocolate cream, hazelnut butter with chopped walnuts. It is topped with dark chocolate ganache and caramel.  I personally love the crust too but John wasn’t giving away what it is made of. Hehe. After tasting the Turtle Pie, I knew why it has created so much buzz and why it was featured in a magazine. Drool-worthy indeed.

Heaven on a plate

The Mango Empress is a winner. It’s a sans rival cake too. It actually reminded me of Conti’s Mango Bravo. What I love about it is the mango yema filling in between layers. When I tasted it, I had the same happy high feeling when I tasted Calea’s chocolate fudge cake. It was so, so, so good. The fresh mango topping complemented the yema filling. I love mangoes and mango cakes or pastries. Cake Planet’s Mango Empress cake makes my list.

A new favorite
John was nice enough to bring out the three cakes we had so I can take a picture of them.

The cakes are not as affordable as Calea’s. A slice would range from Php120 to Php150. I think it’s a reasonable price because the cakes are delicious and they serve big slices. I was telling Cha that I am so happy that we discovered Cake Planet. I won’t have to feel so bad every time I miss Calea and start day dreaming about their luscious chocolate cake. All I need to do is ride a tricycle, get off at Cake Planet and have a slice of my new-found favorites.

Update: Maqui also did a review of Cake Planet! Check out her thoughts about the restaurant here.

If you get to pass by Doña Soledad here in Better Living, do try dropping by Cake Planet. Better yet, let me know IF you are dropping by and maybe we can have a sweet meet-up over cake and coffee.

Cake Planet and Cafe
91 Doña Soledad Ave., Better Living Subdivision,
Parañaque City, Philippines
+632.621.2857 | +63915.449.3119


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