Little Jedi

The Little Jedi Goes Commuting

When we went to Cavite for our long weekend staycation, Dadi Mike did not stay with us because he had work to do. He just brought us to Cavite and picked us up again on Sunday. I was sold to the idea that we will just stay at home and spend the day running after Lucas running after Nuggets. When Mama asked if we can bring Lucas to SM Molino in a jeepney, I told myself, “Why not?”. I will be with Mama, my sister, and ever-protective Yaya Weng with us so I guess everything’s going to be good. Besides, I would like Lucas to experience a jeepney ride because all kids like riding jeepneys. So I said yes to the idea and even proposed to go to Alabang Town Center.

This is not Lucas’ first commute. He rode a tricycle before going to the church, but it was a short ride. This is his first long commute. To go to ATC from Mama’s we will have to ride a pedicab, a jeepney, and a van.

First trike ride

The pedicab ride was just short. The jeepney ride was about 5 kilometers. Lucas was quiet during the ride which means he’s either intimidated with the ride or he is interested with it.

Interested? Or intimidated?
Next ride was a shuttle/van service.Honestly, this ride worried me more than the jeepney ride. Only because the van is closed and air-conditioned. It may be more comfortable but it’s easier to catch a virus in a van. I may have to think twice to let Lucas ride in one again.

Inside the van
Lucas was pretty cool all throughout the ride. And you know what? He did it all over again on our way back home!

This is another milestone for The Little Jedi and I couldn’t be any prouder. 🙂

Me to self: See, Mami (me), Lucas commuting is not so bad. Well except maybe the van ride.


10 thoughts on “The Little Jedi Goes Commuting

  1. Love the jeepney shot!

    Try taking him to ride the MRT next time! 🙂 Preferably on a day that isn’t packed so it isn’t too stressful. When I took the little girl for a ride in the train she was so amazed!

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