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I could have posted about our weekend in Cavite, our not-so-Halloweenish holiday, some DIY projects, and many other topics that’s been looming in my mind for weeks, but no. I was stunned, frightened, and surprised by this guy:

Meet Nestor. Yes. He has a name. Husband dearest was kind enough to christen this critter with a respectable name. Nestor (Or Nesty. I know. Mike even gave him a nickname) has been crawling on our ceiling for weeks now and has even claimed our pantry for its residence. I do not know how he got inside our unit but he did.

Before I continue Nesty’s tale, let me tell you a fact about myself. I hate, despise, abhor, detest, loathe two of Mother Nature’s offspring: frogs and lizards. These two make my beautiful, perfect world not so perfect. An encounter with any of their kind is an absolute nightmare. I can take roaches, mice, worms, but not these two. Regardless of size, color, appearance, and nationality, these two are tied on the top of my most-hate-living creature- list.

I remember an encounter with a frog when my sister and I went to visit my father’s grave. My mom leaves a clay vase there so we can put flowers in it. It just rained so I was pretty sure there was a sneaky frog inside the vase. I asked my sister to turn the pot over just to be sure it’s empty. I was about twenty feet away when I was giving her instructions. The vase was empty. When we started sweeping the fallen leaves, out came an ugly brown frog, jumped my way, and in nanoseconds I was again twenty feet away screaming my lungs out.

Back to Nestor. I was cooking and was returning some condiments in our pantry when this sinister little creature said hello. Naturally I freaked out. It’s not the payatot (scrawny) kind of lizard. He’s quite plump which makes it more gross. I shudder every time I hear its ticks. I do not know if I can stick my hand in the pantry anymore because I am afraid Nesty will jump on me. Crazy, I know. If that DOES happen, all hell will break lose.

I asked Mike to take a photo of Nesty and while I am uploading its photo, I still cringe. This is a cry for help. Does anyone out there know how to get rid of it? I do not want it killed. I just want to shoo it away. It’s enough that I deal with the pint-size bugs and some ants. Mike will probably hate me for shooing it away especially now that it has a name, but I just cannot stand it. So please, please tell me how we can make Nesty pack its things and leave our peaceful home.


16 thoughts on “Eeeek!!!

  1. You know this black baygon thing, the square ones, effective sya so kahit si nestor kaya nya mapa disappear! Rectangle box yun, you can get it from any supermarket, just put it sa gilid gilid yung tao of course because may bagets sa bahay.

    Wala syang amoy whatsoever pero super duper effective. No roahes no nothing!

  2. waaaah Maggie super hugs! kaya mo yan! si hubs din super scared naman of spiders. pag alam nyang me spider sa loob ng bahay kahit sobrang layo pa sa kanya di yung mapakali till di napapalabas si spidey. anyways, no suggestion here. napakwento lang.but i hope Nesty hears your plea and leaves your home soon.

  3. Poor you! I could just imagine how disturbing his presence is for you! Though personally, lizards — well basta butiki lang ha — are quite welcome in our home only because they eat mosquitoes. But roaches oh gosh… roaches I can never stand! YUCK YUCK YUCK! Kadiri! Like Faye, sorry I have no idea how to make him leave… Ilang YEARS ba ang lifespan ng butiki??… Good luck and stay strong Maggie =)

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