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You Know You are Busy When

….you realize you have a lot of posts…in your drafts folder.

….the first post you made in days is about being busy.

….you realize you tell yourself every day that you will do something (like decorate the house) but never got to move on with your ideas.

….you have so many photos to post and share but they remain in your phone until little fingers decided to delete them.

….your work area could be combustible because of paper. And you’re in a supposed paperless company.

….the food that you bought for breakfast is left untouched until you get home.

….your son hugs your leg so tight when you get home…and when you are about to leave.

Methinks someone needs some mom-me time. This weekend, maybe? šŸ™‚


9 thoughts on “You Know You are Busy When

  1. Me too Maggie! This week has been so stressful! My husband told me to keep away from my blog. What he doesn’t know is that it’s therapeutic! Too bad the weekend is even more stressful.

    Hay, I’m so sad I can’t join you girls this Friday. A next time pls? Pls? Pls?

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