Little Jedi

Now That We Have a Toddler (5)

Life gets curiouser and curiouser and curiouser.

It’s not new for curious little children like my Little Jedi to stop and watch things happen before his eyes: bubbles popping, toys moving, dogs eating, fish swimming. It’s natural. It’s all part of their development stage.

…more bubbles!
I also find myself stopping from whatever I am doing to watch the Little Jedi discover new things, play a game that only he knows of the rules, or slowly create a chaos with his toys at home.

a tornado passed by
discovering new things

I literally stop and just watch him do even the smallest, simplest things like eat, walk, run laugh.

tasting something for the first time

I especially love waiting for his different expressions that are simply priceless. I watch him clap his hands with pride over small achievements like stacking blocks.

Yay! my little organizer
It’s like watching a TV series or a movie where you stop in anticipation, waiting for the next scene to unfold. You would never know what will happen next. And you’re hooked. Just today I watched him for a good thirty minutes. I was just observing him do an organize-disorganize game. It was a simple routine game, and I was amused, amazed an in awe.

These are the simple moments that I cherish. I could spend all day just watching him grow and I will never ever get bored nor get tired of doing it.


12 thoughts on “Now That We Have a Toddler (5)

  1. I love watching Kelly too. It’s amazing how they figure out certain things or play in a made-up world. One time, I heard her giggling inside her tent. I took a peek and saw that she was sitting in a circle with her dolls! Maybe they were having afternoon tea? 😀

  2. He looks like a big boy now, Cuz! Parehas sila ni Cyler when they feel na may na-achieve sila they both clap their hands, si Cyler with matching “yes!, Wow!, or Cool!” pa yun! Oh well, time flies so fast lets just cherish these simple moments with them.

  3. Awww! So cute~ I can;’t wait for my baby to grow up. Pero enjoy every moment nga daw diba. But i get frustrated kasi i want to buy her lots of toys! Pero di pa naman nya nalalaro :/

    1. Hay yeah. Sometimes when I look at Lucas, I start to imagine how he would look like when he’s a teenager na. Tapos I’ll tell myself “anuber! matagal pa yun. enjoy mo muna sya ngayon.” 🙂

  4. Glad to hear that Lucas isn’t the grumpy type like Akira when it comes to organizing things. Nakuha kasi ang pagiging OC ng daddy niya.
    Hey! Where did time go? Parang 4 years old na si Lucas sa pic while munching food for the first time. Ang bilis lumaki ng babies nten 😦

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