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Baking Suppliers in Parañaque

I love living in the south. One thing that I don’t like though is the feeling that I am so far away from suppliers or good deals. We are a couple of kilometers away from Divisoria, Cubao, Shaw, or even Manila where shops that sell raw materials, and products with affordable deals are located. When I started doing my cake pop hobby, I started buying baking supplies like cutters, fondant, fondant rollers, sticks, sprinkles and other baking accessories. I was only able to find a few stores that sell these items like Living Well in Podium and Cooks Exchange in Glorietta and Megamall. Since these stores are in malls, they also price their products high. My boss keeps on recommending Chocolate Lover’s in Cubao but it’s quite far from where we live. The cost of gas spent going there will probably match the mark up on the products sold in Makati.

When I was getting a little serious with my baking, hubby finally realized that we need to look for a closer supplier with good and affordable baking items. When I spoke to Cha, our cake supplier during Lucas’ party, she told me a place in Sucat that sells these items. Internet-savvy husband found it.

Love to Bake is located in BF Paranaque. If you are familiar with The Ruins, it is near there. It is right behind Puregold. Love to Bake is just one of four stores that sell various baking supplies. The supplies match the price and variety of stores in Divisoria and Chocolate Lovers.

Love to Bake sells baking tools, accessories, baking aids like shortening, sprinkles, gum paste and coloring, and various packaging boxes.









What I also like about Love to Bake is that one of the owners is there and is so willing to share what she knows about baking.

The other stores also sell dried fruit, nuts and other common baking ingredients.

Another supplier that we found here in the South is Baking Buddies. It is in Bricktown Subdivision in Parañaque. It is just one tricycle ride away from our place so it’s pretty convenient. What I like about Baking Buddies is they sell chocolate melts that are hard to find here in the Philippines. They also sell baking tools and even baking books.




I am pretty sure that there are more suppliers in the South, but these two meet my requirements pretty good.

Here are their contact details:

Love to Bake

Unit 6 Fruition Building Palanca St. Phase 1, BF Homes, Parañaque


Facebook page

Baking Buddies

2 Mercury St. Bricktown Subd. Moonwalk 1700 Parañaque, Philippines

Facebook page


33 thoughts on “Baking Suppliers in Parañaque

  1. Hi Mommy Maggie! I bloghopped your way through your blog. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this! I’m a home baker and I’m currently living in Las Pinas with my parents due to my pregnancy. Our home with my husband is in Sampaloc and it has always been convenient for me to be so near Chocolate Lovers in Cubao. It frustrates me now that I can’t get any supplies down south. I’ll check out this store soonest! Happy baking!

    1. Hi Dea! Thanks for dropping by my blog 🙂 Yeah I felt frustrated also trying to find a closer supplier. The one in BF Parañaque is closer to you. Just take the road from Evacom to Sucat. They say there’s another one in Sucat but I haven’t been there yet. 🙂

  2. Landmark also has a section for baking. I think most of the items are Wilton though, so they might be a tad more expensive because they’re imported. I’ve been to Chocolate Lover’s — lots of stuff din, but hassle to go to. Always traffic. Thanks for sharing these baking supply shops. I might need them someday. 🙂

  3. Hi Ms. Maggie,
    FYI lang po, the one in Sucat is Carla’s Bakery & Confectionery Supply ; it’s slightly across Shopwise Sucat. Tel. # 820-5246 & 826-9107

    Besr Regards

    Baby Girl

    1. This one po matagal na.. pero andun pa din sya.. I used to go there to buy baking stuffs when I was in High school 🙂

    1. Hi Bea! If you’re commuting, take a jeep from South Station going to Pasay. Tapos baba ka sa may Sucat. Then ride another jeep going to Baclaran and baba ka sa may SM BF. Take a trike going to Puregold. The street is right behind Puregold 🙂

  4. Im planning to start baking,imma visit your place and check for some tools.hope to find your location soon.and i hope i can get your contact info so we can negotiate anytime:)

  5. Hi Ms. Maggie! thank’s for sharing these info’s. This will surely make my life easier since I am a newbie in baking and stuff, I can’t wait to check out these stores you have mentioned…I am learning to bake and you are a great help I hope you feature baking class on affordable budget here in South next time. 🙂 and tips on buying oven & mixer.

  6. Hi Ms. maggie can i know po if sino po owwner ng baking buddies kc po nag oorder po me den, my ibigay sya n name ng person na pagpapadalhan ng pera just want to sure po kung sya owner kc lam nio nmn npo s time ngayon dmi n scammer….pra nmn po sure po me n cgurado po un taga cagayan valley po kc ako.

      1. ms.maggie, if im from cavite po, how to get there po? im a customer of Love2Bake po. but puro pinapaship ko lang yung orders ko. badly want to go there. hope u can help me. tnx.

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