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Christmas Wishlist #9: Check!

Okaaaay, this has a been a very busy week for me. Well three weeks actually since I last posted an entry. Talk about a crazy, bipolar shift, a promising business and of course, it’s the holidays! I am actually just taking a break from baking and preparing for our company party tonight. The Little Jedi is running around the playground so I guess the best way is to update my blog.

What is #9 on my Christmas wishlist? A Christmas play date. Finally, here’s my installment to grand Christmas playdate that we planned.

Play dates can be addicting! After our play date with Maqui and Aki and with Em and Akira, Mars and Lia, and Dew and Raviv, I want more. đŸ™‚ So when Maqui texted me and asked if we can organize a Christmas play date, I immediately said yes.

I posted an IG pic and tagged all our mommy friends and Maqui posted an FB messages to them too. I was pleased with the response and was excited because I really want to meet the mommies behind the blogs that I regularly stalk.

With some turn of events for our mommy friends, we ended up with four mommies who joined: Maqui of Familia Kiki, my cousin Sha of Kikay Mommy Sha and Aimee of I Am Aimee Diego. We spent the after at the Ayala park, had dinner and watched the light. Sha and Aimee were able to share our playdate here and here respectively.

I agree with Aimee when she said that one of the best thing about blogging is when you meet other moms with blogs that you stalk, you practically know the person when you meet for the first time. In this case, it’s my first time to meet Aimee because Maqui and I have been going to and from work together often and Sha is my cousin-in-law. What’s better is the little surprises that we learn about other mom-bloggers. Apparently, Aimee and I went to the same school in highschool and just a batch apart. We (our batches) were probably rivals during cheering competition and batch presentations. Haha!

Back to the playdate. We had so much fun and I’m convinced what a happy riot it would’ve been if everyone was there along with our hyper toddlers and photographers/drivers a.k.a. the dads.We only had four kids, had dinner and watched the light show at the Ayala Park, but it was definitely fun. The light show is absolutely amazing! I was so impressed, we brought my visiting brother and his family to the park the following day too.

Even us, moms had our crazy moments. Aimee and Sha mentioned about our epic exchange gift and I will too. It is THAT epic. If you have four moms exchanging gifts and you have to pick out a name, what are the chances that one will pick her own name? Big. So we ended up doing pompyang (gumaya sa akin, may gift!) and we finally got to exchange gifts. Here’s what I got from Aimee.

I am still slowly eating these childhood yummies. Can you see Orange Swits in the box? That is my all time favorite! Thank you, Aimee!

I am always excited to meet moms who are passionate about being a mom and a wife. I am referring to you, Mommy, Mama, Nanay. I hope Lucas and I will meet you and your wonderful children soon. Have a Merry Christmas!


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