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Ayala Lights Up the Holidays

This post is just as late as the playdate post. As you can see I am trying to make up for the three weeks that I did not have any post, and my one day leave after Christmas to publish all my drafts. Hehe.

Anyhoot, I am not sure if it was Maqui’s or Sha’s idea to have the playdate at the Ayala Park and watch the Christmas Light Display at night but whoever thought of it had a splendid idea!

It opened last November and it has grown quiet popular over the years. I was not able to go there in the previous years but I have heard so much about it. So when the venur for the mom-bloggers’ playdate was there, my excitement cannot be masked.

The first thing I like about it is the park and all that runnong space for kids. My son literally ran through the whole grassy area. I can really see how much fun he was having and how much tired his yaya was getting. But that’s alright. Yaya had fun too.







The restaurants in the park were also ideal. The choices were few but they offered every kind. They had Italian and gelatto, Filipino, fusion, Korean chicken, American snacks, Singaporean and Japanese. There were coffee shops and dessert shops. So everything for everyone can be found there.

And of course the light show. I have never seen anything like it, really. There were probably thousands of LED lights that were creatively and strategically placed in the trees. When the show started, we were just in awe. The changing of lights were in symphony with the music. You can hear everyone ooh-ing and wow-ing around us because with every change in the melody, beat and song, the light seems to “dance” along. It was like watching a ballet performance, or synchronized swimming, or contemporary dances. Everything was on cue. It was perfect.



There are two different sets that are shown every thirty minutes. The first show had Filipino Christmas carols as the music while the second one had English carols. The first show had more impressive lights show while the second set had a livelier beat. Which set is better? Both are spectacular to the dot. After each show, they keep the lights on for about fifteen minutes and it becomes the perfect background to take pictures with.








If you still get to watch the show, try watching it from afar and another one with you right in the middle of the “stage”. They are two different views, two different experiences and you will have different appreciation for both views.

We were so impressed He first time that I invited my visiting brother and his daughter the next day. And we are going back there tomorrow. Heehee.

It’s a perfect, simple activity for the family. If you do decide to watch the show, be there around 4:00 pm so you can appreciate the park. If you have kids, bring bubbles or balls or prepare games they can play in the park. Leave the iPads home or keep the smartphones away from them. If you’re alone bring a good book and stay in a cafe maybe. Or simply watch people having fun in the park. Then get a quick refill in one of the restaurants. Around 6:00 pm, it’s show time. Appreciate the simple, beautiful things like that in life and feel happy about it. How’s that for spending an afternoon? 🙂


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