Little Jedi

Puppy Love

Lucas loves dogs. I have blogged about Lucas and Nuggets before. We spent the Holiday break at my Mama’s house again and Lucas has become more playful with Nuggets than ever. Nuggets can’t get enough of him too. He would follow Lucas around and even sit beside the little boy when they are not playing together.


The Duel
Where’s my present?
Hey, that toy moves!

Lucas is not only fond of Nuggets. When we went to my Aunt’s house last week, he had so much fun running after her dogs. All four of them.

Clockwise starting from top left: Beef, Sushi, Shoti and Cookie
Clockwise starting from top left: Beef, Sushi, Shoti and Cookie

If you’re wondering why these dogs look like Nuggets, that’s because they are his family.

But this post is not just about Nuggets and his family. This post is also about another dog that has captured my Little Jedi’s attention for quite sometime now.

Meet Dogi.


I know, I am not the most creative when it comes to naming toys. Remember Mr. Peeg?

Dogi was a gift from my BIL way before I had Lucas. So for quite some time, Dogi has been in the closet, unopened. He is a moving dog that sings “Locomotion”. When we moved to our new unit, we kept it with other toys and admittedly have forgotten about it. I just remembered to take him out just recently. Since then Lucas has been carrying him all the time. I even captured the moment when he was giving his “pet” a kiss.


Lucas started liking dogs and toy dogs from playing with Nuggets and from watching Barney. Barney is the only show that Lucas watches now as advised by Doc Vienne. He watches the same ABC 1-hour show every day, twice a day. The show features animals that start with every letter in the alphabet. Dog is the featured animal for letter D and Lucas loves that part of the show. He runs to his room, grabs Dogi and imitates a barking sound.

Mike and I are both dog lovers. When Lucas grows older and we have moved to a bigger space, we’ll get him a pet dog. We both believe that having a pet will teach the little boy the value of being responsible.

For now, we content ourselves with Nuggets, Dogi and a new member in the pack: Olaff (the other rein-dog). Mike thought of the name so it’s more creative.



9 thoughts on “Puppy Love

    1. nyahaha! apir nga! Both are too big to bring outside the unit eh. :p chaka hindi sila soft like TomCat kaya mahirap bitbitin. Still trying to figure out how Lucas finds them to be cuddly especially Dogi.

  1. Haha! Count me in ladies! I named Adriana’s zebra stuffed toy ZEBO. Baket kaya ganon? Ang corny ng mga names! Baka naman it has something to do with giving birth???

  2. Hahaha! I can’t move on sa mga names na binigay ni Faye and Pepper. In fairness, mejo creative pa yun compared dun samin kasi may word na “cat” talaga lahat. Although most of them, si Akira ang nagpangalan. Si Tita cat, Big Tita Cat, Tom Cat, Sing Cat, Pink cat door, Ring cat, Tita Cat shoes.. hehehehe.

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