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Gymboree sessions

We officially enrolled Lucas in Gymboree last December. We took the same session we had for trial. First thing I learned is to make sure your toddler is well rested and has already taken a nap. Lucas didn’t so he was all moody and cranky. Having a different teacher did not help because now Lucas had to adjust with yet another “stranger”. Nonetheless, we continued with the session and I was able to know which activities he enjoys. Let’s see, he likes crawling through tubes, going down the slides and shooting balls at the basketball area.


We had to freeze Luke’s attendance for the next three weeks because it was December and I was anticipating busy weekends ahead. Boy, was I ever right. That was my busiest December ever.

During the break, I sang Gymbo songs to Lucas and did some activities from the classes with him. I did this so he would not forget the songs and activities. I think the strategy paid off because when we returned to class three weeks after, Lucas was familiar with the activities. He was relatively more relaxed than before. He was more cooperative during activities and sometimes would even be the first one to do the task.

IMG_3050[1] IMG_3057[1] IMG_3065[1] IMG_3058[1]

Lia was there again! She was as cute and active as ever. I couldn’t help but find it so cute when the two L’s are playing.

IMG_3079[1]IMG_3084[1] IMG_3082[1]

I agree with Mars when she mentioned in her post that these classes are a blessing because we can spend time with Lucas. It’s a really nice family activity, actually, and all of us learn from it. I get more and more excited to go the weekly session and hopefully Lucas does too.


7 thoughts on “Gymboree sessions

    1. Yeaaah! That would be so cool, Mars. Oh may naisip pala na cartoon design si Mike for Lia. I’ll ask him to do it then i’ll show it to you hehe. See you!

  1. Ang cute ng dalawang chikiting! And ang gwapo ng inaanak/pamangkin ko on his long sleeve! He looks like a BIG BOY! Gosh! I can’t imagine when Cyler and Lucas grow up tapos magkasama silang gigimik.. waaaa!

  2. Truelaloo. We noticed that because of Gymboree, natuto si Akira to socialize. Yun nga lang, nastop kasi Khan has work during Saturdays. Mejo mahirap din magdouble shift palagi. Hehehe.
    Anyway, we’ll let you guys know if ever free kami to go to Greenbelt. Effort kasi ang traffic. Sayang naman kung hindi namin magagamit ang playtime.

    1. Akira is very sociable now, Em! Yeah nga eh. Mejo challenge din ang Alabang for us if we dont have a car. OA magcab sa LP! See you in Feb! 🙂

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