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Going Green

Who’s going green? Lucas is.

I finally found Tipco Broccoli in the Supermarket. Em and Sha have both been raving about this juice. Of course I was iffy at first. I mean what kid will drink vegetable juice? The two moms told me that the juice was really good. So every time we do our grocery shopping in SM Bicutan, I always check the juice and imported products aisle just to check if the racks have Tipco Broccoli juice.


I finally saw it on the racks today so I just bought two (I’m not sure if Lucas will like it). I gave it to the little boy and he liked it. Well, he did his usual weird face whenever he tastes something for the first time, but he likes it. He even asked for a second glass.

What is this Mami??
What is this Mami??

IMG_0961IMG_0962IMG_0963I got curious and tasted it. It was really good. It smelled more fruity than vegetable-y. No wonder little children like it. I like it. More than just the taste, it’s a really healthy juice. I mean c’mon, it’s broccoli.

Tipco Broccoli juice definitely makes the weekly grocery list along with the cranberry juice, orange juice and yogurt milk. All the good stuff for the Little Jedi.


11 thoughts on “Going Green

  1. Because of this post, I checked where it’s being made. Because now that Joaqui has started his solids, he just finished broccoli for last week and he loves it. So now I know what to give him while growing up. From Tipco’s website I found out that they also have other veggie juices including spinach. And spinach is next on Joaqui’s list of solid foods. So hopefully by the time he turns 1, he will still love these veggies and won’t be pihikan like me. LOL.
    Thanks for sharing, Mags! 😉

  2. sigh inggit! Maia didn’t like it at all 😦 I think she was confusing it with the green smoothie that I forced her to finish before (kaya ayun lesson learned, never force anything on a kid..traumatic. wahaha). But I did like it. Didn’t imagine din it was going to smell and taste so citrus-y.

    1. Ay talaga 😦 why dont you try putting it in a glass? Para she can’t see the carton. Mukha naman syang apple juice and it it does smell fruity. 🙂

      1. Maia goes by the look, smell and taste (in that order). And green for juice only means smoothie in her vocab. haha. But she usually experiments given the right sales pitch so I’ll probably try again one of these days. 🙂

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