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Meet Patty

She’s my evil twin sister. Haha. No, really. Ok fine,  I’m a tad older and she’s not my sister. She’s my officemate who’s a little like me and has taught some essentials.  When I first started working, I never intended on having friends at work because I do have a handful of great friends from way back in highschool and college. However, I would always have great friends at work. They make work more fun.


In my current work, one of my good friends is Patty. You know that feeling when stress gets the best of you just need to be crazy to be sane? Well that crazy is me+her. She’s my English auditor (because she professionally is), my unofficial make-up artist (who taught me make-up essentials), fashion critique, and mall buddy. She’s also a foodie. We can eat at fancy restaurants and go food tripping in food courts. Next to my best friend, I consider her as a sister.


She recently started blogging again (hallelujah!) after much bugging from yours truly. She has started Pink Pens and High Heels where she shares her passion for fashion, gives make-up tips, and gives reviews to books, movies, products and services.


Thanks for sharing your know-how’s, Patty. Cheers to a lot of new things including your blog!



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