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Steve Jobs was Dyslexic

I learned about this just recently. My initial reaction was “wow, that’s inspiring”. This is an inspirational story bound to happen. You know the I-am-not-perfect-but-I-can-be-great type of story. I was more interested though in Mike realization. When I told him about it he said, “Now that makes sense–why he wants things simple”.

I only have an iPhone but I’ve read about Steve Jobs wanting his gadgets to be simple. What’s ironic is that these simple gadgets have become revolutionary in our generation. I also read that the iPhone have been considered the most favorite phone in the world. I guess people like things simple. Why not? The simplest things are the best things, really.

Sometimes, the answer to the most complicated questions is the simplest one. In this time and age, life has become more complex than it was before. The fast-paced lifestyle has somehow overpowered the appreciation for simple things. When I am so stressed out, I could think of so many possible things to do to relax: Spa, eat out, shop. For some people, they’d go clubbing, drinking, etc. Honestly, the best way for me to relax is to come home and play with my tot, or simply sleep.

Why is my husband’s realization so significant to me? It is because I feel I lost the opportunity to appreciate simple things last year. I tried to face complicated situations with complicated solutions which brought about complicated emotions. I was even at the point where I experienced “analysis paralysis”. I over thought of things and I wasn’t able to move on from them. Then I got frustrated and emotional, and at some point, became a pessimist. Looking back, I could’ve spent less time over thinking and more time enjoying every day.

So this year, my mantra is to keep things simple, enjoy each day, and stay positive. I’ll appreciate simple things more. I’ll walk slower just so I can enjoy my travels even if I am just traveling to and from work. I’ll eat slower so I can appreciate my food more even if I am just eating at the cafeteria. I vow to spend more time with Lucas even if that means I just watch over him while he’s playing or sleeping. I will spend more time with Mike too, even if it’s just listening to him talk about the US government (that I do not have any interest in). Even if I have no idea what he’s talking about, I will genuinely be interested. I will read more, sleep more, and learn the art of appreciation for simple, wonderful things. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, the simplest things are the best things. Thank you, Steve Jobs for teaching me that, and husband for helping me realize it.


What about you? When was the last time you literally stopped and appreciate something you would not usually appreciate? Try it. It’s refreshing. 🙂


10 thoughts on “Steve Jobs was Dyslexic

  1. Wow, cuz I can so relate to this. Ako naman I find comfort when I’m with Cyler (of course), seeing him singing and dancing makes me really feel that the best in life is freeee! and a another stress reliever is when I’m baking and meeting my friends kahit once in a blue moon lang and that includes you, cuz! Just by doing those I appreciate more simple things. Life is simple and much better for me when I’m with my loveones and nothing really beats that. 🙂

  2. such a refreshing post maggie! =) and may i just say that you write so well! You have a thing with words. Pareho kayo ni Addie (our friend) =) have a good week! =)

  3. Awesome post Maggie! I had no idea Steve Jobs was dyslexic! That does explain a lot! And I like your new mantra. I agree, we need to keep things simple and we need to remain positive! 🙂

  4. i super love this post maggie! backreading most of your posts (i miss my online ‘barkada’ hahaha). i used to crave for the fastpaced lifestyle too having lived it for half of my working years but after i got married, i realized i am more calm being a homebody. but it took a daughter for me to realize that so i guess it was motherhood that really opened my eyes to simplicity.

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