Little Jedi

Christmas Boo Boo

We had a bit of a boo boo two days before Christmas. We heard mass on the 23rd in Cavite because we were staying at Mama’s during the holidays. After mass, Mike and I decided to go some last-minute shopping in Alabang Town Center. We left Lucas with Mama, my sister and Weng in SM Molino because we thought there would be a lot of people in ATC. Twenty minutes later we received a call from Mama saying Lucas’ thumb got caught between doors of a restaurant. Somebody went in the restaurant and the Little Jedi, faster than a speeding bulilit, stuck his thumb in.

Mama was so worried and of course so was I, especially when she said that the thumb was swollen. She said she wants to bring Lucas to the hospital so I told her to meet us at Asian Hospital to have him checked. When I saw the thumb, I seriously almost cried. It had two gashes, one on top and another on the underside. It was really, really swollen and he can barely move it. The first thing that came to my mind is the possibility that his thumb has a fracture.

We took him to ER immediately. We had a good experience the last time we took Lucas here. They attended to Lucas to check on him. My poor baby was asleep from all the crying so they were able to examine the thumb.


Instead of taking us to the pedia ER room like last time, the nurse guided us to what I’m guessing the orthopedic ER. There was a foreigner in  wheel chair there with us.


We gave Doc Vienne’s name and the nurse said she recommended an orthopedic doctor for Lucas. While waiting for him, Lucas had to go through an x-ray test. Mike was the braver one so he sat Lucas on his lap while the medical technicians tried their best to keep his hands still without hurting them. It didn’t go peacefully though. Lucas was wailing on the top of his lungs. He was probably sacred and confused and hurt. I was scared and confused and hurt too.

We brought him back to the room, the foreigner still there. Apparently he had a cycling accident (hey, they were talking loudly). While waiting for the results, we let Lucas play with the phone but he couldn’t. That broke my heart again. When the results came, I praised God because there was not fracture. Dr. Frederick Nicomedez, an orthopedic surgeon was not around but they were able to contact him. He recommended a splint to be placed on Lucas’ thumb to keep it still. The Little Jedi was able to remove it 2 minutes after the resident doctor put in on. He removed the second splint five hours after.

It took about another week before the swelling was gone. We went to see Dr. Nicomedez in St. Luke’s Global City for another check up. I was convinced that he’s ok because he’s his usual malikot self. Dr. Nicomedez saw that the left thumb is not as straight as the one on the right. He made another x-ray request for Lucas, just to make sure that the growth plate is not affected.

While waiting for the doctor in the hospital

We had the x-ray done in Asian Hospital four days after the check-up. The challenges of a working mom. In the radiology, it took about 30 minutes. 2 attempts, 4 radiologists and a lot of tears to get the perfect shot of Lucas’ thumb.

The check up with the doctor was really quick. He just took a look at the x-ray plates and said that Lucas is fine. No fractures on the thumb. It’s a little bent but it will straighten as he grows old. Whew.

Yep. He’s in his terrible two’s already. Sigh.


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