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Happy Slow Weekend

Happy Monday, everyone! Now, now, before you get weirded out, that’s just the effect of a pretty quiet and relaxed weekend. Not much activity for the family but these are the kind of weekends I really like.

I wanted to take Lucas to swimming but the water is still cold. The last time we went swimming and the water was THAT cold, we only stayed for fifteen minutes. Little Jedi wanted to stay. Mami can’t take the cold anymore.

Mike had a really bad attack of rhinitis so most of the time he was sleeping and resting.

Anyway, I finally got to resume my reading. I am still reading the same book I was three months ago.

I made some cakepops for a baptism. I really enjoyed making these designs. They are just too cute.


I also met up with Cha. She made the cakes and the cupcakes for the Christening. She makes really cute cakes. She made Lucas’ and Lia’s cakes for their first birthdays. We had a really good chat over a yunmy lunch. We wanted to go to Cake Planet again but it was still closed, so we had lunch at Sieg’s in Dona Soledad.

The best part of the weekend is just spending time with the little boy. A mid-morning tambay at the clubhouse is as good as any luxury vacation for me.

What about you? How did you spend the weekend? I hope you had a great one too and have a great week ahead!


6 thoughts on “Happy Slow Weekend

  1. Enjoyed our lazy weekend too! And we did some crafts which made me realize how I miss quite weekends like that and how crazy the past few months had been for me. I needed the pause. So Monday I felt renewed and ready to attack work again. 😀

      1. hay same problem na naman? i was thinking of moving to wordpress na din nga dati because a couple of bloggers told me they can’t post comments 😦 was it because of Disqus? or we’re you trying to post thru mobile?

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