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Shopping with Bestie at the Baby Fair

It’s baaack! The Baby Company Baby Fair is back! It officially opens today, Feb until Sunday, Feb 3.

I went to the 2010 Baby Fair and bought a lot of baby essential for discounted prices. Since then, every time a new mom-to-be friend is pregnant, I tell her that the Baby Fair is the best time to buy baby stuff. This year, I went with my bestfriend, Rache who is pregnant with their first child. She was just as excited as I was two years ago.

This year they had the usual vendors plus so much more. I visited the ones that I did not bother or was not able to check in 2010. There were so much more options to choose from. From infant clothes, to toys, cribs, strollers, bottles, new mom apparel, there were so many great items with great discounts.








The downside of Baby Fairs like this is the crowd. When we went there on a Saturday, it was crazeeeeh. The line to the cashier was more complicated and confusing than calculus and Lady Gaga combined. Tonight, surprisingly, there were fewer people. Maybe because we started shopping at 8:30 pm or maybe because it is a Friday. That’s why we were able to breeze through the aisles and conveniently shop. By the time we finished, there was barely a line at the cashiers.

So that’s a tip. Next year or tomorrow when, when you visit the Baby Fair, be there on the first day of opening, 2-3 hours before closing.
Rache was able to buy a lot! She said the fair had a soft opening last night so they were able to buy the major items. Tonight, we bought the smaller basic items. I’ll try my best to remember what she bought and for how much:
1. Baby First Crib – Php 4,000+
2. Chicco sterilizer – Php 1,800
3. Baby First stroller with carrier – Php6,000+
4. Evenflo electric breastpump – Php 2,000+
5. Dr. Brown’s 10-pc starter set – Php 3,850
6. Uratex nursing pillow – Php 1,000+
7. Beddings
8. Basic baby clothes (onesies, button down shirts, etc) – Php150-250 for packs of 3
9. Baby footsies – Php 40 each
10. Cotton, cotton swabs
11. Cycles detergent and Cradle bottle cleaner

She bought so much more but my momnesia is kicking in. Check out the loot tonight. The drinking cup you see there are Lucas’. I bought it for him. 🙂

The Baby Company Baby Fair is open on Feb 1-3 at the SM Megamall, Megatrade hall. If you’re a mom-to-be or are already a mom who needs to buy baby products, go to SM Megamall for the best products and discounts.


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