Little Jedi

Lucas’ Birthday Celebration

It’s been days since I last made a post. I actually missed out on several musings that I like to write about: my birthday letter to Lucas, Lucas’ birthday celebration, new cake pop designs, our fun Sunday playdate, silly blog titles, my daily soundtrack, etc. It won’t do me any good if I delay further, right? So let me share with you how we celebrated the Little Jedi’s 2nd birthday.

I’ve been thinking of several ways how to celebrate his birthday: a party maybe? Not as big as his first birthday party but knowing the number of people we know, family and friends included, it’s not going to be a small celebration. Besides, I did want to start the year with simple, uncomplicated things. Fine. Scrap big parties.

How about out-of-town celebration? I enjoy my other mom-blogger friends’ recent travel posts: Mars, Badet, even Faye’s Tagaytay trip. Thanks to our busy schedule it wasn’t also possible. So I thought, if I were a two-year old, with working parents, how do I want to spend my birthday? I told myself, with us. His parents. And a couple of animals (because that’s what he likes). Mike wasn’t so convinced when I told him about a petting zoo, so I pitched in Manila Ocean Park. I guess it sounded more appealing to him so he agreed.

Now here’s a birthday fail. Days before Luke’s birthday, our camera broke down. Good thing we were able to borrow Patty’s and Tita Sha’s camera. Nothing’s worse than celebrating birthdays without a decent camera to document the celebration. Thank you, both for your generosity. πŸ™‚

On the day of Lucas’ birthday, I made my first cake pop…er..cake for the Birthday Boy.


I promised him we’d spend time with him so after going to church at 6:00 AM, we spent the rest of the morning swimming. I wasn’t feeling quite well, but so what. After a few shots of the Little Boy and Dadi, I jumped in. The water was STILL cold but Lucas did not mind.


Unlike Ocean Park in Hong Kong, Manila Ocean park does not have an entrance fee, but every area does. Mike got a good deal from a relative and we got tickets to four areas. As soon as we got in, Lucas was in awe. Even I was in awe with the first fish that we saw. I forgot the name but it was HUGE. These are the fish that I watch Jeremy Wade of River Monster catch.

Didn’t get the name of the fish but it’s about 8ft long!
That’s a gigil smile, not a scared face πŸ™‚

Lucas liked walking by the aquariums. He was reaching out, trying to touch the fish.

IMG_5188 IMG_5213 IMG_5226 IMG_5151


We had tickets for a sea lion show but Lucas wasn’t amused. I was also a little disappointed because it was outdoor with insufficient shade and with only two sea lions in the show.

When we passed by Duty Free (yes, there is a Duty Free in Ocean Park), where souvenirs and toys can be found, Lucas immediately took a detour to the toys. I was giving him one of those big penguin or octopus toys but the little boy held on to this guy. So we got him. Welcome to the family, Basti.


After Ocean Park, we went to meet Mama and my sister in MOA where we had our dinner. Lucas showed off to his Mama and Ninang.

IMG_5314 IMG_5311

Part of me wished I still pushed for the party. But smiles like these made me think otherwise. Methinks my Little Jedi enjoyed our simple celebration. πŸ™‚



Happy birthday, my Little Jedi! I hope you enjoyed your day πŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “Lucas’ Birthday Celebration

  1. Oh i think it was just the perfect way to celebrate your little Jedi’s bday! I dunno if it’s just a girl thing but wait lang in a year or two, he might start asking and planning for parties himself so reserve mo na ang party planning energy mo for the years to come πŸ˜‰

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