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They say if you want to know a person, take a look at her playlist. Mine is very distinct. I tend to be very picky with the songs that I want to listen to. It stretches across the board except for rap and most R&B. I am a rocker by heart but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate songs from the other side of the spectrum. I still have the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack in my phone and I recently uploaded the OST of Les Miserables in my phone. Recently I’ve been going retro and listening to my 90’s anthem. Read: Dave Matthews Band, Moonpools and Catterpillars, Cibo Matto, Foo Fighters. I am just missing Soundgarden and my highschool/college soundtrack would be complete.

148316_10151192114326862_859425217_nCrash into Me: one of the best songs ever written. Agree?

Moonpools and Catterpillars: I’ve memorized all the songs in this album.

539696_10151232232751862_831514435_nSome eccentric taste here. I love the song Moonchild in this album.

IMG_3384[1]I love Foo Fighters the moment I saw their Mentos parody MTV. This is the song that I find most romantic (if that is even considered as a description to their songs). Yes, I find this song romantic. In fact most rock songs are. My senti songs are the like of this.

Apart from these 90’s bands, let me share with you my top pick and current daily dose. It’s P!nk. For some reason I can relate to most of her songs. Besides, have you heard her perform at the 2010 Grammys?


See? rocker by heart.

What about you? What’s in your playlist? 🙂


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