Little Jedi

Level Up in Gymboree

Enrolling Lucas in Gymboree is one of the best decisions Mike and I did for the Little Jedi. I’ve mentioned before that Lucas wasn’t very sociable and can’t say a lot of words yet. After two months in Gymbo, both areas have improved. When we visited Doc Vienne, she said she can see the improvement in Lucas. He responds and interacts more. He is saying more words now. Even I have seen the changes. He is still selective with people and activities, but he’s more sociable now. I guess being in the presence of other children and doing activities together has helped a lot. So we decided to keep him enrolled for a couple more months.

We received a nice gift from Gymboree for Lucas’ birthday.

Pretty cool, eh? Thanks, Gymbo!

Mama and Ninang Mai sponsored Luke’s enrollment. Thank you so much for the generous birthday gift! We still enrolled him to the Play and Learn class, but this time at Level 5. After memorizing the songs in Level 4, I felt a little lost because many of the songs in Level 5 are new. I like the new class better, though. They are doing pretend play now. They have more activities with toys (maracas, balls, etc), and the teacher is giving more instructions now. The teacher is also encouraging the children to speak more. These are the activities that I exactly want for Lucas.



Lucas still wants to play at the play area even when class is on-going but we still manage to keep him focused on the class activities. I’ve said it once and I will say it again, Lucas is not the only one who gets a workout when we are in Gymboree. Mike and I do too.

I spoke to one of the teachers after the class this week and inquired about the other classes that they have. Gymboree offers Art Class and Music Class,but I think we’re sticking with the Play and Learn class for a while since it’s Luke’s social skills that we want to develop.

We are missing Lia in the classes but we are meeting new friends also. I am just so proud of my Little Jedi and how more receptive he’s becoming. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Level Up in Gymboree

  1. Good job, Lucas! In fairness to Lucas he really improve kasi I was able to kiss him last week on our playdate without crying, shy lang. Very good, Luke! Keep it up!

    Can’t wait na mag usap sila ni Cyler! 🙂

      1. I can imagine they’re saying “cool” to one another while they we’re playing. Can’t wait for that! Cyler says that word all the time whenever he’s amaze with something. Super cute pakinggan! 🙂

  2. Missing Gymbo classes with Luke too! Lia’s fping to start with her Kindermusik class this weekend. Hope to see you guys in Soph’s bday! 🙂

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