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Happy Quick Weekend

It’s Tuesday! Monday’s over. Every Monday I always ask myself, “why is Friday so close to Monday but Monday’s sooo far from Friday”. Hehe. Working Mommy’s woes. :p

Anyhoot, the reason why I’m blogging on a Tuesday afternoon is because I took a sick leave. Yep, I’m not quite well. In fact I went to the hospital earlier for a check up. But but but, I’m not letting this stop me from sharing our weekend.

It was Gymboree time for Lucas again. I mentioned here that he has moved to a Level 5 class from a Level 4. The new class starts at 10:00 am. We slept late the night before and well, we were late. Twenty minutes to be exact. Good thing the teacher still allowed us to join.


After the family “work out” I told Mike that I wanted to try IHOP because it already opened last Friday. I was too excited to check out the exact location of the restaurant. As far as I know, it was in W building. Who knew there were several W buildings there! We were literally walking in circles trying to find it.

hopping to IHOP
hopping to IHOP

By the time we got there, the place was packed! I knew it would be but I did not expect the waiting line to be THAT long. There were about twenty chairs outside the restaurant, seated with waiting customers. When I checked the list, I think there were about twenty-five names before us. Mike was too hungry to wait. Besides, we have an appointment with the pedia in an hour. So I gave IHOP one last look, told myself we’ll be back, and walked away. Aimee was able to dine there and I was drooling over the pancake they ordered. She said they were given a table after 45 minutes of waiting. I’ll just wait for her post about it. I’ll also wait for the IHOP craze to die down a bit before we come back.

After a nice lunch, we went to see Doc Vienne whom we haven’t seen her for two months. It’s always refreshing to talk to her. She was extremely happy to see Lucas’ development. She said that Lucas has improved a lot in three months. She was also happy to know that we’ve been going out on playdates with other kids, some of whom are her patients too. 🙂

We were yaya-less when we got back home because Ate Weng took the rest of the day off until Sunday. So I got to really bond with my boys. Like Mars, I don’t mind if we don’t have a yaya over the weekend. Our place was filled with a lot toddler shrieks (happy and not), and mess. I didn’t mind though.


Sunday went by a breeze too, although I was really starting to feel under the weather. We started it by going to church at 7:30 AM. We had breakfast care of the church community’s own version of banchetto. Maqui blogged about it here. I also bought lunch from our favorite Taiwanese couple who sells authentic Taiwanese and Chinese cuisine. Their dishes are Sunday staples.


The rest of the day was play, household chore, play, mommy duty, play, housewife duty, play. By the time Ate Weng got back, our place was ready for some cleaning, or at least packing the toys up.

There’s never a doubt that this is my kind of weekend. 🙂 It was quick but weekends like this make me look forward to the next one. How about you?  I hope you had a happy one too!


3 thoughts on “Happy Quick Weekend

  1. That was a great weekend Mags! I always look forward to weekends too because, in my case, that’s the only time of the week when Lia adores me and no one else (come weekdays, she’s back to having Mama as her star. haha).

    I am super curious with Ihop too and I heard the waiting time is crazy! I am one with your prayer about the die down of the craze so we could finally dine and try. Hehe 🙂 Hope to see you guys this weekend 🙂

    1. I hope you had a good weekend too Mars! We’ll probably wait for a month before we try eating at IHOP again. Yuuuuh I’m still figuring out how we can squeeze in the party before my sister’s bday party too!

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