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Sunday Playdate with Fab Moms

It starts with a comment.

In the world of blogging, strangers become acquaintances, acquaintances become regular “stalkers”, and regular stalkers become online friends.  This happens especially if you all share a common thing.  My stalking skills have helped know some wonderful ladies who have the same passion as I do: being moms.

Another thing that’s probably common with us is hoping to meet the ladies behind the words that we stalk. To hear the voice behind the photos with their kids, is something that every reader would like to experience. So when the words “playdate” and “meet up” was brought up, it was pretty clear that my online friends got excited.

And so the grand playdate finally happened! Ten moms meet up to finally see each other, and their families in person and chat the afternoon away. I’ve met some of the ladies I admire and admittedly stalk their blogs: Maqui of Familia Kiki, Dew of Momsterteacher, Em of Akira and Everything Nice, Aimee of iamaimeediego and of course my cousin’s wife, Sha of Kikay Mommy Sha. It was so nice to see them all again. I was also really happy to have met creative Pepper of Days in a Wagon and her little wonder, Adriana,  Glamma Momma herself, Erl and her family, running  mom Faye of Chronicles of Maia, and blogging star, Fleur of Mommy Fleur with Anika and equally famous Wowa.

(L-R): Fab Moms Dew, Pepper, Aimee, Erlaine, Moi (with Lucas), Faye, Sha, Maqui (with Aki), and Em (with Akira)

If you have ten moms with kids plus the Daddies and yaya’s, where would be the best place to meet? In a park of course, where kids can run around, Daddies can run after the kids, and mommies chat away to their heart’s content.  Ayala park was the perfect place to meet.

It’s always the same whenever we meet bloggers for the first time. It’s as if you have known each other for so long and this is just a reunion. The kwentuhan was more on the recent happening that the mom blogged about. It’s crazy-cool, y’know.

To make the event more special, each family had a photoshoot care of Studio 2716. The shots are beautiful I must say. You can see our other photos here. Of course we had the shots from the Daddies’ cameras. Khan, if you read our blogs too, thank you for the beautiful shots and we are still waiting for the photography 101. Hehe. Just kidding. No, really. :p

I am so happy to see the children playing together. Thank goodness Maqui thought of bringing a ball. Next time, we know better to bring toys in the park.

Photo grabbed from Em’s FB page

DSC02084 IMG_3292[1]

Photo grabbed from Em’s FB page

I know that this playdate was primarily for the kids to play together, but it is for the moms also. Now, after meeting these wonderful ladies, for the first, second, or third time, I’ve admired them more, been inspired by them more, and respected them more. I hope to meet all the other moms whose blogs I read. We missed you muchos! To my online friends, see you again soon (in another playdate with more mommies and kids or in the blogosphere)!


8 thoughts on “Sunday Playdate with Fab Moms

  1. Di ko namalayan naka-idlip pala ako sa picture. LOL!

    It’s always fun to have a playdate at nakakatuwa to see the kiddos interacting and playing. Oh how time flies! Looking forward for more fun-filled playdates! 🙂

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