Little Jedi

My two-year old has textmates!

For a two-year, Lucas can manipulate my phone really well. I am perplexed how well he opens apps and even move them. Doc Vienne told us to minimize his exposure to our phones so we did. But every now and then he finds the phone unlocked and uses it.

I admit, there are times when I allow him to use it like when we are out and we need to feed him. Sometimes he’d bring my bag to me and babble something that could possibly mean “Mami, can you let me play on your phone?” and I sometimes give in. Tough love is harder than I thought. Whenever I give it to him, I make sure the airplane mode is on so he won’t be able to send messages or call someone accidentally.

Lo and behold, I find messages like these:


That’s Lucas texting Tita Patty. Tita Patty replying back to Lucas. Crazy.


I better watch what my curious Little Jedi does with my phone, or minimize his use. Some poor person might receive baby messages thinking those are coming from me.


5 thoughts on “My two-year old has textmates!

  1. My 22-month-old son loves playing with our smartphones. He was playing with them so much that I ended up giving him my old iPod Touch to play with. We were worried that Jaydon would break our phones.

    I even wrote a blog on the topic.
    Toddlers and technology: What is old to you is new to them

    Chris Hall
    The Adventures of Jaydon and Daddy

      1. We have an iPad. It’s got a cover that makes it look like a book so Jaydon does gives it little attention. It also stays in a room he is not allowed in. I do not think he even knows what it is yet.

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