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Fun. Family. Fireworks.

I usually write the recap of our weekend on Mondays or Tuesdays just to capture our activities. I can’t wait for Monday anymore because today was pretty awesome. After a very gloomy Friday, a sunny, happy Saturday is a great comeback.

We were supposed to be in Sieggy‘s little girl, Sophie’s birthday. The party overlapped with another family event so we had to raincheck. Sorry again, Sieggy. I’ve said this a million times to you already, but I’ll really make bawi.

We celebrated my not-so-little sister’s birthday in Mall of Asia today. Now, I’m not really a fan of MOA because of the crowd. Today was extra crowded because it’s weekend, but since it’s my little sister’s wish to celebrate here, who am I to say no. Besides, she’s paying. Hehe.


She wanted to see the annual Pyro Musical Competition. At first, I thought she meant we’re staying with most of the crowd at the seaside, across MOA. I was kinda iffy because we’re bringing Lucas with us. I should not underestimate lil sissy because she had a better idea. Apparently, the restaurants in MOA facing the seaside take reservations for dinner. These reservations are specifically for the customers who will watch the fireworks display. Once sold out, they close the area from other spectators.

While waiting for dinner, Mama and Sis got to play with the Little Jedi. They both saw how kulit (mischievous) and curious Lucas is now. Nonetheless, I saw how happy they are to see him again, especially Mama.


Calling out for the customers who made reservations was a little disorganized. The waiting area wasn’t in front of the restaurant as it normally would on regular days. A small crowd of anticipating and excited customers started to form around the attendant at the waiting area. The reason why they do this is because they give arm tags so customers will be allowed to go in the restaurants/viewing area.

The restaurant area was conveniently set up for fireworks watching. We were conveniently seated on an elevated area right outside Yakimix. Little Jedi was excited. We had about an hour and a half to have dinner before the show starts.


I was a little worried that Lucas will not like the loud fireworks. When the organizers shot teasers in the air, Lucas did not cry. In fact, he clapped his hands, amazed by the colors in the sky.


Two countries displayed fireworks exhibition tonight: Taiwan and Spain.

Taiwan started and ended with a big bang! It had a narration apart from the accompanying music. Unfortunately, the audio wasn’t loud enough so I couldn’t hear the story. Soft music that sounds like a traditional Chinese melody played while a myriad of colors were displayed in the sky. I think Lucas got surprised by the first booms from the fireworks and started crying and hid his face on his Dadi’s chest. He only stopped crying and watched towards the end of the first show.

IMG_3505[1] IMG_3516[1] IMG_3524[1]

Spain’s exhibition was very different from Taiwan’s. It was more modern and, in my opinion, more colorful. Spain used a variety of fireworks. I am no pyro-technician so I’ll just call the fireworks like how I saw them. My favorites were the dancing stars, the ones that looked like waterfalls and the big, globe-like fireworks.ย The songs used were modern and engaging. The fireworks were in sync to songs by David Guetta, Gotye, Coldplay (I think) and someone else.

IMG_3595[1]ย ย  IMG_3543[1]

Even Lucas enjoyed it more. Contrary to his reaction with the first show, he dancing to the songs, clapping excitedly and kept on saying “Oooohwowooo!” while watching the whole exhibition.

He was clapping all the time!
I really enjoyed this show. I was too mesmerized and busy watching the live display that my photos do not give justice to the spectacular ballet of music and color. Spain gets my vote in this face off.

You can still catch the 2013 Pyro Musical Competition. Two countries will display fireworks exhibition every Saturday until March 23. If you don’t feel like making reservations, you can buy tickets so you can watch the show at the seaside. The Seaside looks like a big party with fire dancers, food kiosks, and other entertainers. Entrance tickets are sold around MOA. You can check out the succeeding countries that will participate in the coming Saturdays here.

There! Said it. I’ll get some shut-eye now. I’ll be dreaming of dancing stars tonight. ๐Ÿ™‚

P.S. I regret not having our camera today! We promise to bring it next time. We’re planning to watch the finale on March 23.


4 thoughts on “Fun. Family. Fireworks.

    1. You should Aimee! I think the family will enjoy it. Better make early reservations though. My sis got our reservations in Yakimix around 1PM. They say the restos on the second floor have better view but charge more ๐Ÿ™‚

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