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Family Portraits by Studio 2716

I first saw their work on Maqui’s blog. I thought to myself, what great editorial shots! So when Maqui said that Dom, the photographer will be dropping by our recent playdate, I was excited. Earlier this evening Dom messaged me to say that the photos are up on their FB page.

They were beautiful!

Here are my favorites from every family’s shots:

Em and Akira
Cousin CJ and Cyler
Randy, Raviv and Dew
Tala and Aimee
P, M, and A
Erlaine and Kelsea
Familia Kiki
Mommy Fleur, Anika and Wowa
Anika and Aki
Fab Moms

And of course our family shot (this one’s my favorite)

Thank you Dom! Beautiful shots of beautiful families!

If you want to reach Studio 2716, you may visit their FB page, or email them at


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