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A Life Less Structure

Spontaneity is a welcome spice in my life. Yes, I get OC sometimes, and I have to admit I like to know what will happen next. Every time somebody tells me “I have something to tell you later”, I bug that person until he/she spills the beans. Most of the time, that person in my husband. I’m like that. When I was handling corporate events a few years ago, I need a plan B, plan C and a plan D for every event I will organize no matter how grand or simple it was. As I grow older (and hopefully wiser), I realize that sometimes, not knowing what will happen and just going for the unknown can be the best experience in life.

Spontaneity is hoping. It is giving in to the unknown nurturing hope and trust to the odds along the way. I remember when hubby proposed to me just one month after we’ve become official, a month after we got acquainted. It wasn’t in my plan to get married to a guy I barely knew. For some reason, my mouth knew exactly what to say at that very moment. Fast forward to now, I’m glad I gave my answer then. In the words of Howard Schultz, “it could have been the biggest mistake I would have made”.

Some of the most memorable and fun events that I remember were spontaneous activities I did even when I was younger. Now that I have a son, I would like him to remember things that we will do as a family that he does not expect but he likes. I want him to know how to make decisions, and whether the result is good or bad, to learn from them. I want him to try new things, guided by the right judgement and taken sporadically. I would like him to take what his Dadi calls, calculated risk.

Spontaneity is the salt and pepper in my life; the cinnamon on my french toast; the rosemary in my chicken; the bagoong on my kangkong. It makes life much more interesting and too much of it can be overpowering. I suggest take just the right dose of spontaneity a day just to have the right balance of structure and imperfection.

So as an addition to my mantra starting this year, I would like to do something spontaneous every week, or month. Ok, maybe once a month. Maybe try a new thing, eat a new dish, do something unexpected, something unplanned. Maybe with my husband, my son or someone else, or by myself. A little randomness won’t hurt, right? 🙂

To close this post, I’m sharing some spontaneous and random shots I took for the past weeks. Enjoy the weekend, everyone!

IMG_3664[1] IMG_3648[1] IMG_3613[1] IMG_3215[1] IMG_3372[1]


4 thoughts on “A Life Less Structure

  1. i wasn’t a risk taker too. but after my mastectomy i became more spontaneous. and i like this version of me better. i still make plans. but i don’t sweat a lot over them as much as i use to. 🙂 love this post Mags! 🙂

  2. Hey Maggie, can I just say how much I love this post! And most of all, I love how you described ‘spontaneity’ as the bagoong to your kangkong! 🙂 hihi. I look forward to reading about your spontaneous adventures! 🙂

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