Little Jedi

Foot Rub and a Selfie

Oh no. It has started. My Little Jedi is taking after his Dadi’s quirky habits. One of the most recent habit he has developed is asking for a foot rub. Yes, he’s sashal like that. Hehe.

He’s so adorable when he asks for one. When we’re lying on the bed, he’d grab my finger and rub it on his foot. I do this to him til he falls asleep.


Oh and he also likes taking selfie shots with our phones. This is the closest he’s ever taken of a selfie. Hehe.

Konting baba pa, Lucas


6 thoughts on “Foot Rub and a Selfie

  1. Mags hindi kaya triplets sila Mike? at ung nawawalang kambal ay napangasawa ko? Wahaha natawa ako sa quirky habits eh. And namana din ni Maia yan! Sakit naman nila ay pakamot ng paa, ng likod, ng tyan. 🙂 Eniweys, have a great week ahead!

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