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Weekend Recap and some Monday Blues

Ugh. I was so psyched to make a weekend recap because as always, it was fun. Monday had to ruin in when I had to wake up beside a feverish toddler. Sigh. I had to be in the office because I need to prepare for my training on Wednesday so Dadi Mike was the Little Jedi’s doctor for the day. Doc Dadi suspects another tooth to be the culprit. Nonetheless, I will still share our weekend to document it. It was a fun weekend anyway.

We woke up early so we won’t be late for Luke’s Gymbo class. I think the morning session is not working for us because we were late…again. The upside is to see Lucas being more and more cooperative. He still hates the air log and still runs to the play area, but apart from those, he’s following really well. He’s even the first one to do the activity. Oh and he loves the maracas! I wanted to buy him a set from Gymbo but it cost 1,000 pesosesoses! I bought him a wooden one from National Bookstore instead. Price tag? 60 petot. We’ll see how long a wooden maracas would last in the hands of the Little Jedi?
After Gymbo, Lego table in Hobbes and Landes caught Lucas’ attention. I let the little boy play while the big boy checks out toys in the store.
After my post on spontaneity, we tried a newly-opened Thai restaurant in Glorietta. I’ll write about that soon. We were supposed to eat at Pho Hoa (or was it Pho Bac?) but the menu did not appeal to Mr. Carnivore. Surprisingly, he was the one who saw the resto and asked if I want to try it. After seeing the interior and the menu (yes, in that order), I agreed to have lunch there. It was actually good! Mike finally appreciated Thai food that is not Pad Thai!

Sunday was a breeze too. As always, we heard mass together with Mike’s twin. I rarely have a photo of the two M’s together so I am pretty proud of myself to steal this shot while looking after the Little Jedi.
I finally visited Booksale again! I’ve been wanting to buy Lucas a numbers book. When I saw this Karen Katz book, I had to buy it. Price tag? 85 petot. To my surprise, Lucas can count from 1-5 and count down from 10-1. Yay!
I had a splitting headache yesterday so hubby let me sleep and took over the kitchen. He liked the Bagoong Thai rice we ordered yesterday that he had to recreate it. We got a recipe and instructions from Panlasang Pinoy. In fairness, although the rice was lacking a few ingredients, it was really good!

Left one’s from the restaurant. Right one’s Mike’s. Close enough?

The in betweens were non-stop playing and laughing with Lucas. So it’s really a bummer that he is sick right now. I just hope that Doc Dadi is right. That Lucas is only teething.


11 thoughts on “Weekend Recap and some Monday Blues

  1. Hooray for another milestone, Lucas! Cyler is teething again, maybe Kuya Mike was right baka nga it’s because of teething kaya nagkaka-fever nanaman si Lucas. Cyler is back on being a call center (lil) guy again and it’s because of that darn teething.

    Oh and I love pad thai! Super! πŸ™‚

  2. I thought the “kiss and read book” term is just so sweet. Good to know that your toddler is learning heaps of stuff. It’s always a joy for parents to witness that.

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