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Fuss-Free Friday

Iiiit’s Friday!

Usually Fridays are my no-training day of the week. Friday is also dress-down at work. I don’t have to wear stiff suits or blazers and dresspants, I don’t have to wear sky-high heels, and my face gets free of heavy make-up. Ok, sometimes I wear a blazer and still wear heels, but as long I don’t have to run a training, I keep my make up at minimum. My lipstick, eye shadow and blush takes the back seat.

What do I use? Just four items.

Left to right: Benefit Moon Beam, Etude House Drawing eye brow, 1/3 of Benefit Love Peace Glossiness, Maybelline Masacara

After I put BB Cream and loose powder on my face, I work on my eyebrows. After Patty taught me how to tame them, I agree with her and Aimee that I cannot leave the house without fixing my brows.

I dab a little Benefit Moonbeam shimmer on my brow bones, cheek bones and nose bridge for highlight. I love this product! It gives just the right warm shimmer. I am running out so I guess it’s time to buy some. I put a little mascara just to open up them eyes. Lastly, Instead of lipstick, I just put on lipgloss. That’s it!

I am not very comfortable taking a selfie but for the sake of showing the look, here you go. Please don’t mind the eye bags.

If I start looking pale, I dab a little blush from a blush stick that Patty gave me. Patty, help me out here, what do you call it again? Update: It’s Wet n’ Wild blush stick. Thanks Patty!

Anyhoo, there you go, fuss free make-up au naturale. Happy Friday!


15 thoughts on “Fuss-Free Friday

  1. I so love benefit especially their high beam and porefessional! Winner talaga yan!

    And can I say I really love your kilay, cuz?! 🙂

  2. Happy Friday Maggie! You look so fresh! Me, any day of the week I only use three items. Lipstick, Face powder and blush on. That’s it pansit! I don’t even know how to tame my brows! Need a lesson from you and Aimee 🙂

  3. how, how, how exactly do you tame eyebrows? haha. below it or not the last time i had my eyebrows trimmed (or was it threaded?) was like 3 years ago. ugh. and most days i leave the house with just a moisturizer and a sunblock on. kaya nanggigil si Maia maglagay ng make up sa mukha ko eh. lol.

    1. Haha i had the same question before. I have it threaded pero lo and behold may iba pa palan gagawin to ‘tame’ em! Hehe. I’ll ask my friend to write a tutorial. I dont think im
      Qualified to give one eh :p

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