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On This Week’s Blogging and Blogging Events

I’ve been waiting for the weekend since Monday! Hehe. One, so I can spend time with my little boy again and two, it has been a really busy week that I wasn’t able to read or write posts. I miss my friends’ blogs and my own blog.

Anyway, one thing I am excited about is the upcoming meet up with mom-bloggers again. When we were planning for the playdate last February, the ladies communicated via Facebook (thank you, Mark Zuckerberg) and slowly, mommy after mommy were invited in the conversation. It’s great!

Now I’ve been a reader of Dainty Mom for quite a while. It was one of the blogs that inspired me to start my own blog. So when Martine was invited to the convo, I was a little star struck. I was even more excited when she invited us to their event in April.

“Let’s start at the beginning…of blogging” was her blog’s title that is an invitation to an event that she, and three other bloggers, are organizing. I’ve registered, been invited and now all eager to be in the event, learn, be inspired. I am also excited to see my friends, meet new bloggers and another playdate afterwards. 🙂


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