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Holy Week Musings

I’m back. I’m still here with so many musings to share. I have been checking my favorite blogs and looks like other mommies were also in hiatus during the holy week. I couldn’t blame them. Long vacation like that is a rare treat for many mommies (especially the working ones) to get some well-deserved rest, spend time with family and maybe squeeze in a little get-away or two. It looks like everyone had been active in instagram too. If you’ve been following me (@mamimagi), IG’s my most active social network account over the holy week. Since I can tag fb and twitter, I’ve been seemingly active in those too.

After the long vacay, I checked the blogs I stalk and my favorite bloggers are back on writing as I am too (now). Kikay Mommy Sha and Glamma Momma are both celebrating their blog anniversaries and are giving away goodies! Happy anniversary fab mommies!

So now, with all the musings I want to share,my dilemma is where to start. If only my thoughts are already being typed in WordPress or Word while I think of them, things would be a lot easier to share. I mean my first three paragraphs in this entry are just introductions!

When I was a kid, holy week is my least favorite holiday. There are no programs on tv, it sits in the middle of hot, hot summer, we can’t go out and play, days were so long then and it was just bor-ring. Nowadays, with entertainment available with a push of a button, holy week is not so undesirable especially to kids. Long weekends are also rare commodities so even for the grown ups, it’s a welcome holiday.

Surprisingly enough, for the past couple of years, every holy week, I end up seeking for a quiet time. The kind of time I had a lot of but were taken for granted when I was young. I long for a few hours to reflect for the life I have as a Catholic or just as an individual. In the midst of the possible activities I wanted and I had during the holy week, those few hours of remembering why our Savior died for us is probably the best part of the long vacation. Besides, that’s the main reason why we have the holy week right?

I am glad that there were moments of reflection during the holiday. Maybe I need to do it more often. Maybe i need not wait for the holy week to do some self assessment. Besides, faith is not seasonal. It’s all year round, 24/7.

I hope you had a blessed holy week too. 🙂



5 thoughts on “Holy Week Musings

  1. maggie! i miss blog hopping din! and i need to catch up with my writing too. kaso parang matagal tagal pa 😦 i don’t think i’d be able to write as much as i did in 2012. parang andami lang trabaho this year huhu but more work is always better than no work. so masaya pa din. hihi napakwento na. i miss you girls!

    1. Hehe ok lang yan. Lalo ka na you’re maintaining three blogs! 🙂 i miss you too! Are you joining the blogging talk ni Martine? 🙂 i’ll see you there!

  2. Thanks for sharing the giveaway here, cuz!

    You are right, dapat hindi lang holyweek nagre-reflect, it should be 24/7! Kasi si Lord 24/7 andyan sa tabi natin but He never get tired of doing it and He loves us so much. So we should keep our faith and give him time kahit hindi holyweek. 🙂

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