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What We Did During the Holiday Weekend (Late Post)

Obviously this is a really late post. But better late than never so here’s sharing the Little Jedi’s Holy Week.

We spent the Holy Week over at Mama’s house. My sister M said that on normal days, the whole house is quiet except for barks from Nuggets and our other dog, Archie. Whenever we visit, it’s a riot. The Little Jedi turns the whole house upside down.





Mama never fails to pamper us with great food, stories, comfortable rooms, etc. Don’t you just love being taken care by your mom?



Lucas learned a lot of new words over the weekend. The highlight is that he finally learned how to say “Mami”! Well actually the way he says it is “Memi”, but at least he’s not calling me “Ate”
Anymore. He also calls Mama “Mama” and and his Dadi “Dada”. I’ll write about the other words that he can say now.

I wanted Lucas to experience an Easter Egg hunt. Since Mama’s house is spacious, I thought of doing it there. I bought plastic eggs from Toy Kingdom and filled each egg with chocolates and gummy treats. I wasn’t going to let him eat all of the chocolates of course. I wanted to put a toy but the eggs can only fit small toys. Not ideal for a two year old.

I his the eggs around the house. My sister and my cousin helped Lucas collect the eggs but he wasn’t very interested with it. He’d rather run after Nuggets. Sigh. Oh well, maybe next year. At least the big kids enjoyed it.


As always, the best part about a staycation is to spend my time with the Little Jedi. Nothing beats that, really.



8 thoughts on “What We Did During the Holiday Weekend (Late Post)

  1. Aaaaw. Your posts about “home” makes me miss Batangas more. And it never fails to make me sad..but happy, at the same time. Lokaloka lang 🙂

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