Little Jedi

Morning Walks

Nothing is better than starting the day with morning walks…make that morning walks for me, morning rides for the Little Jedi.


If there’s one thing I like about living in our community, that would be the amenities. We live in clusters of low-rise condominiums here in the south. I have to admit, condo-living wasn’t my ideal home. I grew up in a fairly spacious house with a yard full of fruit trees. My siblings and I had ample space to release our pent-up, childhood energy. Living in a condo felt so…contained. Well that’s how I saw it. (Please take note of the tense in my verbs.)

When we move here, our space is small. For a mom with a possibly active son (Lucas wasn’t born yet then), space matters. When I saw the amenities, it gave me change of heart. There is a spacious, well-landscaped park, nice clubhouse, clean pool, a playground for every building (there are six buildings here), a basketball court and a tennis court.

Being a full-time mom to Lucas this week made me appreciate these amenities more. It’s rare for us to have morning walks because I leave the house so early for work. That’s why I made sure that every morning of my sabbatical, he and I will spend it together.

Maybe he’s pretending that his bike is a lawn mower. Hmm.


Our morning walk includes a visit to the newest playground in the community.

Side story: The playground is at the lower part of the clubhouse. There is no ramp so you have to take several steps to get there. Since I am doing this alone, imagine me half-pushing, half-carrying the bike with one hand while holding the little boy’s hand with the other as we go down several steps. Workout!


IMG_4697[1]IMG_4701[1] If there’s one thing I love about my temporary role this week (I am still hoping and daydreaming it would be a permanent one soon!), it would be taking these walks with Lucas. It’s our We Time where there are no phones, no TVs, no distractions. Just good old fashioned walks. IMG_4751[1]


4 thoughts on “Morning Walks

  1. Kailan kaya tayo magiging neighbor, cuz?? LOL! I miss those kind of morning walks with Cyler. Hay. I look forward on the day na maging full-time mom to Cyler. Iba talaga pag ikaw ang bantay ng anak mo.

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