Little Jedi

Anything But Boring

Last week has been spectacular. I was a stay-at-home mom because Yaya took her annual break. I actually do not know what to expect. The last time I was staying at home and taking care of the Little Jedi was when he was just a “wee babby” (sorry I just saw Brave). Everyday then was pretty predictable. I thought it was going to be the same last week. I thought that after a day or two, I pretty much know how the rest of the week will go. Boy, was I wrong.

Every day this week has been everything but boring and predictable. Even if we’ve set a routine (morning walks, bath time, meal time, story time), every thing is literally different from the day before. My son is spontaneity personified.

We spent more family time together in the morning.

We decided to eat at the little boy’s table for a change

He displayed his prowess for photography

One of the many pictures of his joints
Of course we had to have selfie shots

I learned that he knows what he wants and insists on it. Otherwise…it’s dramafest.

One night he decided to use his push toy as a chair

The other night he decided to wear his shoes at home.


And he showed his problem-solving skills too. I am still observing which intelligence is dominant in him. I do this so I can support it and hone it more even before he starts school. This is him figuring out how to get his bike off thr grass and on to the curb.

He learned how to maneuver his bike

Since his mom is a mall rat, our week would not end without spending time at the mall.

Time in the mall
Checks out a scooter

And of course, no visit to the mall will end without taking a ride on the carousel.

IMG_4802[1]One thing I learned about raising a toddler (for a week) is that everything for a tot is play. Eating time, bath time, play time, even sleeping time is play. I learned to manage Lucas better by observing what amuses him and uses that to communicate with him. Here’s one example: Lucas likes to count right now. He counts practically everything so whenever I need him to do something, we count. If I want him to finish his meal, I ask him to count the number of spoonful of food he eats. When I try to change his clothes, which he hates by the way), we count the steps in putting his shirt on and he obliges. We sing “This is the way we pack away” when I want him to pick up his toys and pack them away. When we were at the mall and he doesn’t want to walk, we count his steps. This “secret technique” makes me feel closer to him because I know him better. Children like playing, so it would make sense if we don’t make tasks look like tasks. We can actually show them the fun side of doing these tasks. Come to think of it, we do activities better if we enjoy, right?

This technique also helped me. Instead of being too uptight and stressed out, I enjoy it. Less worry, more fun for the Mami. Parenting is not easy, but we can make it enjoyable for us too. I bet a lot of moms would agree.

I can stay in this role forever. I would love to spend my time raising a family. Here’s crossing fingers it would be soon. πŸ™‚

To you, Lucas, thank you for teaching me these things again, son. You may be learning from Mami but remember that you also taught me how to be a parent. I guess the parents’ best teachers on parenting are their children.


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