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Missing the Little Jedi

Yaya decided to extend her vacation. She said her mother is sick and she needs to look after her three children. I can’t do anything but allow her. She often speaks of her children to me and I feel for her. What is one month compared to 11 months away from them?

That means two things:  Lucas will stay with Mama or I take another long leave and take care of him. As much as I want to do the latter, I do not have the luxury to do so. Unfortunately, I don’t hold my own time now unlike then when I was in Marketing. So yesterday we brought the Little Jedi back to Cavite for another week (or maybe even longer). I am just grateful my mom will be able to look after him even if she is still working. I have to admit, she is very happy and willing to take care of Lucas especially now that he’s more adorable than ever. I haven’t even posted about his stay with Mama and how I survived it (or not), and now he’s back there.

There’s just one problem: I miss him so much more now than the last time he stayed there for a week because we spent a lot of time together for the past week. I was able to watch over him and spend a full 24 hours for seven days and appreciate his being a two year old more.  I don’t think I will be able to visit him also this week because my schedule is full with trainings to run. Sigh. I am trying my best not to cry.


When I got home from Cavite yesterday I really felt sad unlike last time. Like really sad. I immediately miss his smile, his endless counting, his non-stop running, his funny dance. I am trying to distract myself from thinking about him more also. It’s weird but every time I see his things especially those that we’ve used a lot during my sabbatical, I think of him. Hay. If I can only be a SAHM, I would. Calling other mommies (Mars, Maqui, Faye, and all others) to advice how to survive this longingness for the little one.



8 thoughts on “Missing the Little Jedi

  1. awwww.. so sad.
    try not to call him often. he might get homesick. and if you call him always, you will miss him even more. And when you find out that he is actually having the time of his life, you will feel sadder. 😦

    1. Thank you, Aimee. I remember how you’d keep yourself busy also when Tala was staying with the grandparents. That’s what i’m trying to do now

  2. Hey Mags! Super hugs to you! I’d suggest to grab as much couple time as you can while Luke is away. Take it as an opportunity to nurture your relationship with Mike. Because in my case, there came a point when I miss having our couple time (with no distractions) so maybe now is the best time for you to do that. And yes, that can be a good distraction as well.

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