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All Dogs Go to Heaven

Last night, our other pet, Archie has gone to Doggie Heaven. If you have been reading my blog, you’re probably wondering, “Who’s Archie?”.


For the longest time, I have been going on and on about Nuggets. We have another pet who’s been with us for more or less seventeen years. Archie has been with us since I was in highschool. He’s the unfriendly, unpopular, big dog but his loyalty can never be measured. He’s big, really big. He’s almost as tall as I am when he’s on his hind legs. He’s the epitome of a guard dog: strong, playful, brave and protective. He and Nuggets were never really friends because Archie was the Alpha dog outside the house, while Nuggets was the Alpha dog inside. Dog lovers would understand what  I mean. They will also understand how devastated I am when we lost him.

He had cancer, the vet told us. This was a couple of months ago. I cried buckets of tears when I learned about it. I thought I had prepared myself, but no. I tried to stop myself from crying last night because my mom and sister were all in tears. When I was alone with Mike, that’s when I broke down. He may be a pet, but he is family and a loyal friend. It is never easy to lose someone, especially a friend. He gave us unconditional love, like all dogs do. We feel so secured when he’s there. He never stopped protecting and loving and being loyal until his final breath, when we heard him groan last night, as if to say goodbye.

Goodbye, Archie. I’d like to believe that all dogs go to heaven. If that is indeed true, then you are probably with your number 1 master, Papa. Not all masters are loyal to their dogs, but all dogs are loyal to their masters. Thank you for the seventeen years of love, loyalty and protection. We’ll miss you.

All dogs go to heaven
(Picture grabbed from Google)

6 thoughts on “All Dogs Go to Heaven

  1. this is sad…we have that kind of dog back then…he died last year, after 14 years of being a faithful guardian dog to us and one of a kind rottweiler (the fluffy kind)- he will always be our – “the walking bear”

    1. It’s really sad when we lose a pet that’s been with us for a long time. Until now, my mom doesn’t want to get another dog aside from our Nuggets

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