Mommy musings

Their Special Bond

My Little Jedi is not a baby anymore. He has his preferences already, in food, activity and even people. Since Yaya has been in haiatus and only the odds know when she is coming back, Lucas has been with my Mama for the second straight week. Last week, I wasn’t able to come home to my Mama’s house because I was swampped with work and training programs to run. Sometimes I wish I can travel to the future, clone myself and have her do the things I want her to do so I can do the things I want to do. Yes, Iron Man 3 gave a me that dillusion.

Anyway, going back to Lucas, he and Mama have developed a special bond. I noticed that when I took my sabbatical a couple of weeks ago, he kept on saying Mama’s name. This was after spending a week with her already. After staying for another week, I saw that he has grown a very special affection over her Lola (grandmother). If Mama leaves the room, he goes “Mama!”. During his Gymboree class last Saturday, he would go to the side where Mama was watching him. Whenever he does something like pack the toys away during the class, he’d clap his hands and look at Mama as if saying “Did you see that, Mama? I did it by myself!”. He would even opt to be carried by his Mama rather than by me or his Dadi. Oh and when Mama tells him to do something, he obeys.

So how do I feel about it?

I could never be happier. Mama is the most affectionate, most loving, most generous woman I know. She is the stern disciplinarian, but the kindest person I know. Why would I not want that for my son, right?

My relationship with Mama was a learning and roller coaster of a process. There is love and hate and fear and courage and strength and weakness. We argued about things. We disagreed and agreed on many things too. When I became a mother myself, I knew I wanted to be like her. I appreciate her more now than ever. I appreciate all the things she has done for us throughout the years. For all the things she said to me before, I just want to say that Mama, you were right.

I would like my son to be close to his Lola. I would like him to have fond memories of her when he grows up. I want him to say “Mama” with a special kind of affection. I want to see him bring flowers to Mama during grandmother’s day or bring her favorite Brazo de Mercedes. I want him to dance with her when he gets married and tell his friends and family that Mama is the best grandmother in the world because she is. Yes. I think I’d like that.

IMG_1989 IMG_4659 IMG_0487


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