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Bad News, Good News, Great News, and a Decision to Make

I am still really happy that Lucas is back home. I mentioned here before that Yaya Weng will be taking a short, two-week leave. What I thought would be a week of missing the little boy, turned out to be a month-long agony for moi. It was 1 week plus another three weeks that the Little Jedi had to stay with Mama. Albeit the fact that the little boy was having the time of his life with his Mama, I was missing him so so so bad. Maybe that’s the reason why I didn’t have much motivation to write posts or if I do write posts, they are, errr, a little on the emo side.

Where art thou, Yaya?

How did this happen? Well, Yaya did not come home as she promised. That was the bad news. She decided to stay in their province longer. What’s worse is that we did not receive any messages from her except for the time when I told her through text, that if she doesn’t have plans of coming back, to find a replacement yaya there and refer her to us.

IMG_5333[1]Roughly translated:

Can I just join my sister when she comes back (to Manila)? Nobody is looking after my children here.

If it’s ok with you, I hope I can come back on the 21st with my sister.

After taking a really deep breath, I allowed her. She’s a great yaya to Lucas despite her shortcomings on household chores. I know she cares for our son so I was willing to wait (Parang fastfood). That was the last messages I got from her. I was getting really frustrated simply because we were playing the guessing game. She could send me a message and tell me if she has no plans of coming back and that would be fine with me. I was missing my son, Mama needs to go back to work too, and I am playing Russian Roulette for the date that she will return.

Good thing my best friend referred a new Yaya. That’s the good news. She’s younger than Yaya Weng (even younger than my sister) and yet she has impressed me and Mama. She knows that she is an interim yaya, but I really like her. She had one week OJT with Mama and I am really happy with how she work. I know it’s only been a week but so far, I like what I am seeing. I am crossing my fingers that she will never change and that she also likes working with us. She’s the reason why I am waking beside a not-so-little boy every morning for the past three days.

IMG_5304[1]That’s the great news. I may not be spending 10 hours or more with Lucas but there’s nothing like hugging your son to sleep or waking up with a fist or a foot or, if you’re luckier, a baby butt on your face. It’s pure bliss.

I still don’t know if I should send a message to Yaya Weng and wait for her, or if I should just tell her that we have a new Yaya. Mike’s vote goes to the former. Mama, the latter. I still don’t know what to do. Yaya Weng’s a great yaya but really bad with the chores, plus she has taken care of Lucas since he was three months old. Yaya#2 is wonderful with the chores and has a great potential to be a good yaya. Hmmm. High performer (in the yaya role), or high potential? What do you think, moms?


8 thoughts on “Bad News, Good News, Great News, and a Decision to Make

  1. Looks like yaya #2 has a great potential 🙂
    Mas madali kasing i-train ang mas bata. Pag mejo may edad na, they would say yes to you pero sila padin ang nasusunod minsan.

    Once you feel any bad vibes to yaya # 2, try installing a CCTV cam if pasok sa budget. Make sure that the yaya knows so that she wouldn’t dare do anything bad 🙂 “We can never can tell” 🙂

  2. Oh Mags, i wanna give you hugs muna! I’ve been to hell and back with yaya problems too early in Maia’s toddler years. I almost thought of giving up my job. But well, God is good. He gave us back our Ate Inday. Anyways, I hope you and Mike come to a decision soon. When Yayas take a vacation, risk talaga yun for us coz there’s always the big possibility they might never come back. Kaloka for us working moms.

    1. Yaya Weng isnt texting us pa rin. So far the new yaya is doing well naman. I’m still hoping Yaya #1 will return only because Mama will need a yaya too by August when she retires. Thanks, Faye. It’s been a really stressful month for us

  3. Looks like yaya #1 is okay naman, mejo bata pero mukang okay naman sya so give her a chance just trust your Mommy’s instinc, cuz. Text mo na si Yaya Weng baka nag aantay lang din yun ng confirmation from you malamang nahihiya sya sau kaya di na sya makapag txt. Kaw na mag-initiate. 🙂

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