Little Jedi

What We Have Been Doing on Weekends

It’s officially weekend!!! You know the kind that I am wishing for every Monday morning. Work nowadays is crazier than ever and my average office hours have moved up from ten hours to fourteen hours a day. I am so exhausted from work this week, both physically and mentally and emotionally, but since this is the only time I was able to get my hands on the keyboard, I better type my thoughts away! That is why the weekend is sacred to me. It’s for my family and my family alone.

Our recent weekends have been interesting.  We spent most of our weekends this month it with my mom when Lucas stayed there with her. Update: Yaya #1 is still MIA from us.

Weekend at the Mall
Weekend at Mama’s house
One weekend we attended Lia’s party and met some of my favorite moms there. The Little Jedi decided to sleep throughout the party. I think I had more fun than the little boy. Hehe. Thanks again for inviting us, Marsy!

One weekend had our first taste of pizza from Nolita.

He received Flu Vaccination from our office’s health program. It was his second time to be at Mami’s work. The nurses were just as scared to give the vaccine to him as he was.

Taken after the tearfest during the vaccination
One Sunday I suddenly missed baking so I decided to bake some doughnuts again. Lucas liked the doughnuts but he liked the sprinkles more. He was eating all of it off even from the other doughnuts! I better start baking cakepops again especially now that the weather is more chocolate-friendly. Who’d like some? 🙂

Someday soon, these will be Lucas’ baon to school 🙂
IMG_5426[1]One day, Lucas decided to try his Dadi’s Chocolate Frappuccino (with his Dad’s consent)…

IMG_5127[1]…and liked it! Uh-oh! Cavities alert!

Whatever we do during the weekend I am sure that I’ll enjoy it as long as it’s with my little growing boy. Heck, I don’t mind staying in bed all day as long as I am spending it with him.


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