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All the small things

This week has been my craziest, most hectic one for the year! I don’t want to end the statement with “by far” because I do not want to experience anything crazier than this. I have been spending long hours this week, and by long I mean 18 hours at work. As I draft this post, it’s 1:30am and I am just on my way home. Like I said, crazy. Not to mention being emotionally hyper also, no thanks to my PMS. I was juggling my feelings of sadness, guilt and frustration. If I were to take an assessment test, I would probably fall under the category of manic-depressive. Weekend felt so close yet so far.

It’s those small (literally) things that kept me sane this week.

Just when I thought I was going koo koo, I received a small package from our receptionist and got these:

I was so excited I opened the package in the elevator! haha

Thank you Cai!

Washi tapes from Paperchic Studio! I’ve been drooling over them for the longest time! These pretty little things really cheered me up. I placed them on my desk and every time I see them it was instant happiness!

Another small thing that cheered me up today is the score I got from a training program last week. For a change, I was a trainee not a trainer. It was an Excel course. You see I am not really good in Excel. Suffice to say I am bad at it. I literally just learned how to transpose seven days ago! For some it’s such a small thing but to me, it’s a milestone! When I saw my post-test result today, I am satisfied with my score. What’s more important is that I was able use what I have learned from the training. I’m hugging myself for that.

Then I was back to being a trainer. I have to admit, I.Love.Training. It’s my passion. I am at my element when I am in front of a class. Today I ran one of my favorite sessions with a small group of employees. It was a short session that’s why it wasn’t so tiring. Seeing them have an AHA moment is so rewarding. An attendee came up to me to tell me that he learned a lot from the training even if he has been with the company for a while is the biggest pat on my shoulder.

Time check: 2:00am. I just got home and another surprise in small packages welcomed me.

I have been craaaaving for macarons since last week! I only asked Mike to buy me some and I got more than what I asked for. Cupcakes by Sonja is my mostest, favoritest, cupcakiest cupcake and I got two! I love it! I love it! I love it! Thank you, husband dearest!

But my greatest source of happiness and sanity is not a thing. It’s this little man who is growing cuter and kuliter and funnier every second!

Smiling at himself in the phone

Where’s your foot, Lucas?

Even with a splitting headache, the Little Jedi came to the rescue and just filled the room with cuteness, kulitness, and happiness galore.

Thank God for small things, small surprises, and family. They put the proper balance in life. Small things, wonderful blessings. Nothing is too small to be taken for granted. Sometimes it’s the small things that bring the biggest joy.

What about you? How did you spend your week? Here’s wishing you a great weekend ahead!


12 thoughts on “All the small things

  1. ako den, this year lang natuto mag transpose sa Excel! haaha. I feel so smart, magaling na ako mag Pivot! haha happy weekend, shuttle mate!

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