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Blogging with a Purpose


A couple of weeks ago, I was talking to my best friend who just gave birth to a lovely daughter (Hi, M!). She was sharing about the challenges of being a newbie mom and the emotional roller coaster that she is experiencing. I, who is her best friend, matron-of-honor, and kumare, was of course sharing my experiences and the things I learned after having Lucas. I asked her to try reading some articles in the internet about first-time moms and she said she finds most too idealistic. That’s when it struck me. Probably the reason I was also so worried and praning then was because I too had read some articles that are too idealistic. It gives me certain expectations about my son at a specific stage instead of just focusing on his milestones. That’s the reason why I like reading mommy blogs. Real-life stories of moms, their triumphs and struggles. Recently, I realized that this is also my purpose for sharing my own stories.
Last April I attended Blog Inspired, a workshop organized by bloggers whom I follow and admire. It was what I expected the workshop to be and more. Martine (Dainty Mom), Jayme (Optimommy), Toni (Wifely Steps) and Michelle (Beyond Silver and Gold) prepared a very inspiring, very enlightening workshop for bloggers. I came to that workshop feeling very excited because I will be meeting my blogger friends and finally meeting the bloggers whom I have been admiring for a long time. I honestly didn’t know what to expect. I wanted to be a better blogger and I was hoping the workshop will help me become one. After the workshop, it did not only made me a better blogger, but it made me a better me.

In my training programs I always share the importance of having a goal and understanding the reason why employees need to perform well. The workshop made me realize the same thing: what is my reason for blogging and what are my goals? What is my purpose? What drives me to write? It took me a while before I wrote about the workshop because I wanted to have a concrete answer to those questions. I didn’t want to give a “report” about the event, otherwise it would’ve totally defeated its purpose. As I continue writing and sharing stories, I never forgot those questions. I needed an answer.

Until I had that conversation with my best friend. That’s when I realize my purpose for blogging. Yes, I want to document my little boy’s milestones and how I feel being a mom, lest I forget. More than just that I sincerely want to be able to reach out to moms, especially the new ones, and virtually tell them that whatever they are experiencing, they are not alone. I want to be a virtual support to them by sharing my real experiences as a mom with them. I would like to share with them real thoughts, feelings, fears, anxieties, successes, failures and strengths that a regular learning mom has. Yes, I want to share my musings as a mom.

Before I hoped and wanted to be a famous blogger like the ones I admire. I even wanted to earn from my blog. Now I realize it’s icing on the cake. Yes it would still be nice to have those but it’s not my purpose for writing. Now I realize that blogging is a very powerful tool to reach your goal, and promote your passion. I realize the magnitude of its reach and how it can touch and change lives.

I am thankful I attended that workshop. It definitely lived up to its title. I am now more inspired to share my stories because now I know what my purpose is.

One of the activities we had in the workshop is to write down my purpose. I didn’t have one then. Here’s mine now:

My purpose is to use my passion for inspiring others and my skill to tell stories to reach out to moms who are seeking for support and guidance. My goal is to make them feel that they are not alone in the journey called motherhood; to reach out to them virtually as if to say “it’s ok, Mom”; to serve as a learning buddy as they take baby steps to mommyhood; and to make them feel that motherhood is a beautiful, beautiful experience, warts and all.


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