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Just like Mami

Getting out of bed is not our favorite part of the day…

Morning already, Mami?
I am still sleeeeepy
Pancakes for breakfast? Fine. Fine. Fine.
I’m almost up
Good mawnin Mami

Mike and I are total opposites when it comes to waking up every morning. As soon as he hears the alarm, he’s snappy as a froshie soldier in camp. Whilst I set my alarm’s snooze 5 times with a 15 minute interval. It’s just so haaaard to wake up in the morning.

I have never seen him wake up later than 7am. Even with little sleep, he’s up and about every morning. I, on the other hand, literally have to roll off the bed.

I think Lucas has taken after me. For as long as he has somebody in bed beside him, he can sleep for ten hours straight and sometimes even longer. When he does…well, you’ve seen the photos.

They say as a person grows older, they learn to wake up earlier. Hmmm. I wonder when will I be on that stage? I bet my pwet that’s not going to be anytime soon.


10 thoughts on “Just like Mami

  1. It will happen.. but maybe when we’re around the age of 50! Hahaha. Waking up early for me is sooooo high school. Feeling nmin ni Khan ngayon, pumapasok kami ulit ng school. Ang hirap gumising naman tlaga ng maaga, diba?

  2. I feel you, cuz! What more pa kaya kami nila Cyler at Cj? Mas alive and awake kami in the middle of the night. Pero si Cj keri nya gumising ng maaga pag kailangan, ako…depende kung gigisingin nya ko. Hahaha!

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