Little Jedi

Little Jedi @30 Months

At thirty months, Lucas is becoming cuter and more curious and more active than ever. He has antics that gives me a good, hearty laugh.

There are softer places but he chooses the floor to lie on.

He’s curious about his belly button…

And eager to show it to everybody.

He will fail the marshmallow test.

Here is his mischievous smile. You know he’s planning on something.

A lot of times he does things that can give me a heart attack.

Like climbing out of a shopping cart.

And rough housing with Dadi which, by the way, he enjoys a lot! He likes being thrown up in the air, flipped and wrestled. Sigh. He is a boy.

I love everything about him. Yes, including his mischief and tantrums and rough house play. He is who he is now. He is a curious little boy that needs constant watching and a whole lotta loving. I just enjoy his toddlerhood as much as I can because I will never get my fill of it. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Little Jedi @30 Months

  1. The “smile” is really something ata for little boys. at 16 months, my son has the exact same smile and that is a sign na bawal na sya pakawalan sa tingin or else. Haha!

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